Bombshell: Bidens Had Hundreds of SARS


Former police officer and Secret Service agent Dan Bongino said on his podcast that you don’t get a SAR – Suspicious Activity Report – “unless you really screwed up. The Biden family has hundreds of them. Bidens never sued the bank, claiming they’re forgeries. “They are real documents about real bank records.”

Dan played a clip of Jim Comer telling Ted Cruz on his podcast that as a bank director for over a decade, banks filing SARS are rare. They don’t like to do it. They file them with the Treasury Cabinet when they suspect their client has committed a crime. They have a “strong suspicion.” So, how often do they happen? “Very seldom,” former banker Jim Comer said, ansering his own question.

Bongino said to “get a suspicious activity report generated on your bank account you have to be depositing obscene amounts of money, making check payments to criminals” since the bank “doesn’t want to lose your business” or have “regulatory heat.”


“Do you have any idea what kind of a criminal you have to be to have hundreds of these things filed?” said Bongino.

Then he played a clip of Comer talking about the Rob Smith money laundering operation with money eventually going to Bidens.

Rob Walker was “one of the associates that they used to funnel money from China and Ukraine and Romania, and then they launder it and send it to Joe through shell companies. One $3 million payment from China was broken up, and $1.5 million went to Bidens.

Biden famously said he didn’t do business in China or with his son and never got money from China. The only product they had to sell was Biden’s office. The shell companies only exist to launder money. Biden had HUNDREDS OF THESE SARS. The timing of receiving the money and sending it to Bidens also matches up.

Comer told Cruz, “You know what that’s called when you set up a bunch of shell companies for the sole purpose of laundering money? That’s called racketeering.”

The wires came into Walker and then to Biden from a Chinese Communist Party-connected entity. “So, basically again,” Bongino said, “the President of the United States, Joe Biden is a foreign agent who’s got a blackmail file from the Chinese Communist Party while they’re threatening to invade Taiwan in World War III.”

I’d like to add something here. That means the people pulling his strings, probably Marxists, also have blackmail power over him. They have to know alll this.

The Chinese Communist Party owns Joe Biden, he concludes. Watch:

via Dan Bongino on Facebook

Dan Bongino discussed the Biden family yesterday on his show on Rumble. The clip above is an excerpt he posted on Facebook.

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