The Shocking COVID Revelations: People Need to Go to Prison


Dr. Scott Atlas has had an illustrious career in clinical medicine, in research, and as a professor. He sat down with PragerU CEO Marissa Streit to discuss how COVID-19 was handled and what happened on the White House planning committee [led by a useless Mike Pence. That’s my opinion, but after listening to the clip, you might come to the same conclusion.]

Deborah Birx put together sophomoric, arbitrary reports, and none of the White House committee members came with scientific papers. They never disagreed with Dr. Atlas on data, but they agreed with each other. Instead of discussing the data, they simply confirmed their uninformed opinions. They didn’t think or act like scientists and didn’t know the data. They were frustrated when he showed the data and wouldn’t consider it. They simply launched ad hominem attacks.

As an example, Dr. Fauci and these other bureaucrats called a meeting, and Dr. Atlas wanted to bring in the people doing the research, the top epidemiologists in the world, so Fauci canceled the meeting.

In another example, Dr. Atlas arranged another meeting with the President, which included top researchers. Dr. Birx was a no-show, and the meeting was almost canceled. Jared Kushner said it would only last five minutes. President Trump asked all the appropriate questions; the five minutes became forty-five minutes. The President insisted on a video, which was buried. Dr. Atlas thinks Birx tried to sabotage the meeting. He said they were doing the CYA, and that’s all they cared about.

One panel member, Dr. Redfield, said they would all quit if one was fired, they had a pact. They didn’t care about the people dying, just their own hides.

Some of the False Statements of Things That Were Known

Coronavirus was described as a completely new virus, but this was a completely false statement. It’s a member of the coronavirus family that some countries have protection from.

Everyone is doomed to die. That is a lie. It spared the young, but older people with comorbidities were in danger. Their figures were based only on the very sick, not everyone infected.

Everyone does not spread equally.

Everyone has the same risk – not true.

We were told that children and others could be asymptomatic and very dangerous. In 2020, it was known that open schools do not have higher rates of infection. Teachers were not at high risk. They are a low-risk group. Also, it was known that children were not significant spreaders of spreading the illness. Children without comorbidities were at minuscule risk. In Germany, not one died. In the US, very few died and might have had comorbidities. The statistics showed that 99.9% of those under twenty years of age were at no risk.

Two-thirds of people who died at the height of the illness were over the age of life expectancy and had six or more co-morbidities.

Asymptomatic people did not spread most infections. Most spread was indoors.

For thousands of years, people have known that recovery from illness provides immunity and long-lasting protection. Herd immunity is a biological phenomenon. It’s a fact. The data from Israel in 2021 shows that people who never had the vaccine but had the disease had the best protection.

This was all known, not controversial or unknown. It was common knowledge but lied about.

He also discusses hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. Early on, the White House medical bureaucrats refused to run clinical trials on them. They are not dangerous but very safe, and they have mechanisms of action. The censorship was very effective.

Masks don’t work. They do not protect the person wearing them or stop the spread of disease, and that was known in Spring 2020. That information, in the form of many studies, was posted on the WHO in 2020 and backed by data from the CDC. Fauci early on admitted to his friends that masks wouldn’t be protective. They didn’t wear masks when they met. There is zero evidence that masks are effective.

Then, the topic of royalties came up.

Fauci lied and praised China for transparency in January and February 2020. China was the opposite.

Dr. Atlas said, “It’s hard to know what they knew because these people didn’t believe in fact.”

Airplanes were the safest environment – air is exchanged every 90 seconds. Requiring masks on planes defied all science.

The White House medical bureaucrats would not use reason.

Dr. Atlas says the biggest sin is what we did to children. We broke the social contract by harming our children and injecting experimental drugs with side effects for a disease that children had no significant risk from – to use them as shields.

The teacher’s unions are abhorrent (56:40), and he explains why.

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