James Woods Addresses the Genius of The View Ladies


Whoopi repeatedly corrected Sunny Hostin, the lawyer on The View – hard to believe she has a law degree – because everything she said was wrong, especially her conclusion.

James Woods linked the video with this comment: Genius. Of course some guy using a gas stove affected the alignment of the earth, the moon, and the sun.

Sunny: “We’ve got a solar eclipse, we’ve got the earthquake, ran down the hallway…
View Lady: The rapture is here, hahaha.
Sunny: …the rapture is here, and also I learned that sacadas are coming…
Whoopi: Cicadas.
Sunny:…cicadas, for the first time in like, there’s two different kinds of …
Whoopi: No, no, no
Sunny: …two different kinds are coming…
Joy: The good cicadas and the bad cicadas.
Sunny: …for the first time in many, many years…
Whoopi: No, 17, every 17 years this happens. [She’s wrong, too, the two together come about every 221 years]
Sunny: …well, that’s not what I read, but maybe you know, maybe you know better. All those things together, what maybe they want to believe that climate change exists or something is really…

Whoopi continued to correct her. It’s sad when Whoopi sounds like the smartest person in the room.

One must wonder, if they are told to act scholastically challenged to identify with scholastically challenged people because that is their base.

After all, Sunny is a lawyer.

He also addressed a video we put up yesterday.

It’s so good to know this loon addressing the crowd wants the hardcore Islam here. This is the Democrat voting bloc. Biden is going through all kinds of contortions to get these people’s votes. You can hate Jews and Israel if you want, but they are our allies. They don’t want to destroy us. This Hamas clown does. Hamas leads the entire Palestinian movement, and at the head of the serpent is Iran. Biden is kowtowing to them as well.

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