The Status of Secretary Mayorkas’s Impeachment


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is forcing another vote on impeaching Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas this week — but some Republicans who voted against it last time plan to do so again, Axios reported. However, Greene got some good news from Speaker Johnson. The process will be different, but it will go through.

Greene took to the House floor on Wednesday to make what is known as a “privileged” motion on her impeachment resolution, forcing a vote by the end of the week.

The seven-page measure accuses Mayorkas of violating a federal law requiring DHS secretaries to maintain “operational control” of the U.S.-Mexico border and a clause of the Constitution requiring the federal government to protect states from “invasion.”

Greene forced a vote on impeaching Mayorkas before the Thanksgiving recess, but it failed after eight Republicans voted for a Democratic motion to refer it to the Homeland Security Committee.

Several GOP lawmakers said they should complete the investigation first, but all they do is investigate.

McClintock said Mayorkas is guilty of “maladministration, malfeasance, and neglect of duties” but argued: “These are not impeachable offenses.”

Mayorkas is flooding the country with unvetted aliens who will change the face of America. He’s betraying the country.

Ken Buck won’t impeach anyone, and Duarte will stick with his no vote.

However, they all seem willing to kick Santos out. He’s a Republican, not convicted of anything, who votes the right way. The only reason the Democrats are doing this is to get a Democrat in office. Republicans say they want to do the moral thing. Well, Santos has been convicted of nothing, and he’s innocent until proven guilty. That’s the moral thing.

Greene said they all got a lot of angry calls for their vote.


Later today, she spoke with the press and said that she was assured it would go through the Homeland Security committee. She noted that some members were upset that the last impeachment didn’t go through the process, and she can understand that.

Speaker Johnson guaranteed Mayorkas’s impeachment will move forward.

The one excuse that is hard to ignore is McClintock’s. He doesn’t think what Mayorkas is doing is impeachable? His actions are destroying the country and setting us up to become a one-party state with totalitarian Democrats in power in perpetuity.

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2 months ago

The GOP are total cucks. They’ll protect Mayorkas again. Or they’ll impeach and find him innocent. But, rest assured, Mayorkas will never be punished. People must realize that the GOP is NOT Democrat opposition. They are allies.

2 months ago

I grew up on a farm and we raised turkeys, thousands of them and I always thought that a domestic turkey was the dumbest thing on two legs that ever walked the planet. I now have to admit, the slimy, lying idiot Mayorkas has the turkeys beat hands down.

3 months ago