The Strange case of Rep. Matt Gaetz


A strange and explosive story out of the NY Times at about 6 pm last night ended in a strange TV interview with Tucker Carlson.

Yes, we know the NY Times often lies and pushed a Russia Hoax conspiracy for years, so we don’t believe this story or disbelieve it. We won’t believe it until we have the facts. It’s also clear Gaetz is a cancel culture target. He’s close to Donald Trump and they would love to take him out.

There are NO FACTS at this point.

However, Tucker was kind enough to have the Representative on his show only for Gaetz to bring him into the story in a negative light. Perhaps Gaetz was just upset. That would be very understandable.

The NY Times reports there has been a lengthy investigation of Rep. Gaetz for his alleged expense-paid travel with an underage sexual partner who is only 17 years of age. That’s a crime.


Last night on Tucker’s show, Gaetz said that it isn’t true, adding his family is being extorted for $25 million over it and his father agreed to wear a wire for an upcoming meeting.  He said further that the NY Times destroyed the FBI’s extortion probe by publishing the story. He also named the man allegedly trying to extort them.

The NY Times co-author of the piece countered that she can’t say his family isn’t being extorted but people have to look at this in relation to the timeline. The investigation has gone on for a long time, longer than any extortion.

During his frenzied explanation and denial last night, Gaetz told the audience Tucker had been in the same position of being targeted with a terrible accusation. It seems twenty years ago, a mentally ill woman claimed Tucker raped her. Tucker had never even met the woman. His viewers largely didn’t know that.

Gaetz didn’t stop there. He said that Tucker and his wife had dinner with the woman. Tucker didn’t remember that at all.

Watch the clips:

The interview:

The NY Times counters:

The NY Times author said the agent Rep. Gaetz mentioned is not involved with the case and does not work in the Justice Department. She thinks that by speaking out like this he’s blowing up the FBI investigation, complicating the sex trafficking case.

Tucker’s post-interview response:

Tucker wasn’t thrilled. He said it was “one of the weirdest  interviews I’ve ever conducted.” He also said, “I don’t quite understand it…I don’t think it [the interview] clarified much.”


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