“The border is wide open… it’s not secure” so Biden hands out cash to illegals, blames Trump


The border is wide open… it’s not secure.

~ Mark Morgan, former acting commissioner at CBP, March, 2021

Mark Morgan, the former acting commissioner at Customs and Border Protection, called new claims by Biden officials blaming the Trump administration for refusing requests to build capacity “blatantly false.

“We were anticipating that there would be a need based on the modeling. But here’s the thing. No one in this administration told anybody — they did not tell HHS, they did not tell CBP — they were going to remove MPP [Migrant Protection Protocols or Remain in Mexcio], they were going to remove the ACAs. That came without warning. They just did that,” Mr. Morgan told The Washington Times.

ACAs or Asylum Cooperative Agreements were deals struck with Central American countries to stem the flow of people across their territory en route to the U.S.

After weeks of downplaying the surge, last week some Biden backers decided to just lie, saying that in fact the Biden team had foreseen the problems and had even urged the Trump administration to prepare.

“They were sitting on their hands,” one Biden transition official told NBC News. “It was incredibly frustrating.”

Administration officials made the same claim during a telephone briefing with reporters last week.

That’s a lie, an obvious one.

Biden’s people want the surge and don’t care how hard it is on anyone. These are their future cheap laborers and Democrat voters.

Biden officials are giving illegals envelopes of cash as another incentive to come illegally:

Did you know that 5,000 unaccompanied children arrived in one day on Monday?

Watch Mr. Morgan:


Mr. Morgan in January told reporters that it seemed the incoming administration was heeding the warnings about not eliminating the get-tough policies.

“It’s been very amicable, they really feel that the briefers are listening to the experts, to our folks,” he said at the time. “Part of what’s been presented has made its way up through the chain and really has driven the new administration to back off.”

Biden didn’t back off. Instead, he moved ahead quickly and canceled all agreements, knowing what was coming.

A Biden administration official said, “there wasn’t even a system in place to test or quarantine migrants for COVID-19.”

There is a reason for that. They had plenty of room and NO SURGE.

The Trump administration didn’t need that capacity. Thanks to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention pandemic order, known as Title 42 because of the section of the law that lays out the powers, the Border Patrol had been quickly expelling nearly all illegal immigrants.

Despite winning a legal battle to be allowed to expel UACs under Title 42, Biden announced it would not do so.

In fact, the DHS secretary, Kamala Harris, and Jen Psaki have said everyone in the world under 18 years of age is invited to stay.

That has overwhelmed the federal Health and Human Services Department, which is tasked with caring for the UACs until sponsors can be found to take them or until they age out and are released.

Mr. Morgan, in speaking to The Washington Times, said if the Biden team believed the system it was handed was broken, it should have delayed the changes until it had its replacement plan in place.

“I would have said ‘You can’t do it all at the stroke of a pen. You’ve got to wait. You need to give us 90, 100 days, to get the facilities set up before you undo it all,” Mr. Morgan said.


He also said the new administration cannot claim to be surprised by what’s transpired, since Mr. Mayorkas was serving as deputy secretary in 2014 and 2015 and had an up-close view of child and family surges.

“I was the chief of the Border Patrol when he was the deputy. He knows this — he knew the Border Patrol facilities were not designed for families. He knew the capacity was not there,” Mr. Morgan said.

For Biden’s people to lie and say it’s Trump’s fault exhausts one’s belief system.


The foreigners are pouring in to replace Americans, in some cases, with criminals and leeches. We currently have thousands of members of the cannibal cartel living in the United States. Many of these ‘innocent-looking people’ are indentured to the cartels.

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Feisty Hayseed
Feisty Hayseed
2 years ago

The U.S. Government has gone into the Human Smuggling business on an Industrial Scale. The Mexican Drug Cartels drop the illegal aliens off at the Southern Border and Border Patrol and Health and Human Services pick them up, fed them, clean them up and give them a bus or plane ticket to wherever they want to go in the United States.

2 years ago

Americans should be outraged at the handouts Traitor Joe is giving Illegal Alien Insurgents. The money should be going to the small businessmen Democrat Governors put out of business. Democrats used the Covid Hoax to put America’s entrepreneurs out of business because they supported the opposing Party. While President Trump was waging economic war on China, the Democrats decided to wage economic war on America’s small businessman. Now Democrats are waging economic war on America’s poor by giving the jobs that are a foothold for the poor to work towards the American Dream to Illegal Aliens. Whats worse is those Illegal Aliens will get Slave Wages and that will drive down wages for American workers. Adding insult to injury, the out of control spending will fuel run away inflation making what little savings Americans may still have less valuable. Democrats have always been the Party of Big Business, even Unions were a rouse to control labor cost. Today we see the Teacher’s Unions scamming to raise the wages of incompetent teachers who are paid with your tax dollars which will raise your taxes. Parents should be getting a rebate on their school taxes, but Democrats hid Billions in Pork for schools in the last 2 Trillion Dollar payoff.

a face in the cloud
a face in the cloud
2 years ago

World domination and sweeping domestic plans in a society that is 30 trillion in debt?
They are just that clueless to think a huge societal reset is done with some metaphorical light switch and all the comrades will comply.
Maybe Hillary has a muh reset button for the sake of symbolism?
You see they have no plan after burning it all down other than an open air gulag where every human action is monitored and approved by central planners.
Dwight Eisenhower had a great quote about if you want complete safety and security then prison is the answer and that is a feature to the CPUSA.