The Terrifying Immigration: Economic Migration & Invasion


Dr. Lawrence Sellin, a biological and chemical warfare expert, wrote on X: The vast majority of the Chinese illegally entering the U.S. are either sent or allowed to leave by the Chinese Communist Party to reinforce the already-established massive pro-CCP Fifth Column. Chinese military and intelligence personnel now have unrestricted access to the U.S.

Some may find this sounds conspiratorial or fantastical, but when you consider that millions of unvetted people worldwide are coming here, it’s not.

Listen to the interview below or read the summary with Brett Weinstein, who went to the Darien Gap.


Two migrations are going on. One is an economic migration, and the second is an invasion.

Brett Weinstein traveled to the Darien Gap. His conclusion: It’s not a friendly migration.

He went to understand better what he was looking at in videos former Green Beret Michael Yon sent him. He needed to see it to understand it better, and he’s glad he did.

Dr. Bret Weinstein said that what he saw at the Darien Gap was both migration and invasion. The mass migration started in Ecuador, and many people are economic migrants, not eligible for asylum. Another migration is far more insidious, and it is an invasion. He observed unfriendly Chinese men of military age and made logical assumptions.

There is a serious humanitarian disaster occurring, including robberies, rapes, and murders.

“Migrants talk about stepping over bodies in Darien, and for somebody with experience in these kinds of jungles, it’s not hard to see how, without a support network, the kinds of stuff that can happen in a jungle can become deadly very quickly. Things can spiral out of control, so you have all of these migrants from all over the world. Many of them are South American, but that is by no means the whole story. People are coming from the Middle East,” and they met Afghans, people from the Caribbean, Haitians, and people from Yemen and Iran. “It’s shocking really.”

They spoke with many migrants, who came under the pretext of being political refugees.

“They are fleeing economic collapse, and they are fleeing in the direction of what they perceive to be economic opportunity; of course, in American law, these two things are very different. We protect people who are seeking political asylum,” Weinstein said. “Still, we do not offer automatic economic asylum, and the reason for that is fairly clear which is that in order to protect people economically, we end up robbing Americans of their economic well-being, and that’s just not something that people are entitled to, no matter how much compassion you may have.

“You get the same story from everybody. They’re fleeing an economic crisis, and they’re moving north, and many of them have terrible stories about what happened to them in the Darien gap, so that’s one thing.”


“When he went to another camp, he saw the “hallmark of the international community. You see NGO emblems all over the place, proudly waving American flags. They’ve paid for the water system and the toilets that are there. The United States government is facilitating this economic migration, and it’s unmistakable, as is an organization called the International Organization for Migration (IOM). It’s a branch of the UN, and if you read them, there’s a charter; you will discover that this organization believes that migration is an inherently good thing and that it’s always good.”

“They see it as their job to bring it about to facilitate it and in this case that’s particularly tragic because their desire to induce people to migrate is causing people who are woefully unprepared for the Darien gap to try to make that journey. And the humanitarian tragedy is immense.”

Each country they pass through allows this as long as they are headed for the US. Normally, they have very tight controls on who can enter.


The Chinese camp was very different. They would not speak with people, and they were mostly men of military age.

Any photos they could get were done covertly.

The people wouldn’t talk to them, not out of fear, but out of not wanting to share information.

He sensed tremendous hostility from the Chinese, and he found it “particularly unsettling given that I know where they’re headed right they’re headed to the US.”


He also talked about Belt & Road infrastructure projects right on the southern border of the US.

Also, the US is not collecting any information on these travelers – none. Others are collecting biometric data.

Weinstein tbelieves he saw “an invasion taking place. You know, it’s not a sleeper cell because it’s on the move, but I started to think of them as sleepwalkers, and there’s also a massive migration, and the migration is causing us to have difficulty discussing the invasion, which is a distinct phenomenon and different simply from desperate peasants from poor countries coming here for work.”

They are working on building pathways through the Darien Gap to get people to the US.

“This needless immigration is causing a grievous humanitarian crisis. The only reason to do the immigration this way is to have the invaders blend in with the migrants.”

There were no journalists. The story is in plain sight. This suggests a system that is “corrupted across the board.” The complicity is not reported or reported wrongly. We’re talking about millions of people, and it’s a permanent transformation.


There are a lot of cartel coyotes – snakeheads – in Darien Gap, and that often does not go well. The cartels are making a lot of money off this, but the farther north, the cartels are answering the demand for narcotics. The immigrants are a way to cover the narcotics transport. The US is hiding these people in the US.

Weinstein described a lot of crimes happening simultaneously. We have to entertain all the bizarre things happening. Science is also corrupted. We are in a literal dark age with some keepers of knowledge.

“Wake up. There’s something going on here we’ve never seen before,” Weinstein said.


Our enemies are looking for bioweapons. The Chinese did not inoculate their people against COVID-19 with mRNA vaccines, which might mean nothing. The “vaccines” were gene therapy, not vaccines, and they introduce a message in your cells. Our immune system constantly evolved to fend off illnesses. The message was a firmware update, that new way of viewing the world. It could make one population immune to the illness and others not. That is conjecture.

The nonsense from China, like people collapsing dead on the field, was invented.

The vaccines were very conspicuous and bizarre. We forced vaccinations. That was like nothing we’ve done before, and it was insane not knowing the long-term effects. We forced injections of people we need the most. If this is not a mirage, we better figure this out fast.

Why does no one in authority blame China? Why are we collaborating with China on biowapons? We have to consider these things and hopefully reject them rather than not think about them. We need someone to talk us off the ledge, but we need to get out there on the ledge.

I strongly urge you to listen to this clip.

Via Tucker Carlson


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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
14 days ago

I have watched this interview 3 times