The Truth About Migrants in the US Military


A recently sponsored Uniparty bill, The Courage to Serve Act, establishes a pilot program allowing illegal migrants to join the US military and get on the fast track to citizenship. It’s a reward for coming illegally. Instead of closing the border, they’re attracting more illegal immigrants, and they’re selling out our US military at the same time.

Tucker attributes a sinister reason for the act.

“American citizens being replaced by foreigners who are being encouraged to go into the military. The military will be used as a tool of domestic political control. And it’s much easier to do that with foreigners than it is with people who grew up in this country,” Tucker said.

Congress’s idea is to replace our patriotic force with some mercenaries who have no tether to patriotism or loyalty to the country. How many are we talking about?

The administration has worked hard to discourage patriotic Americans from joining the military. They have told them they are not wanted and their government can’t be trusted. They’ve driven them out with experimental vaccines, pronouns, and investigations as if they were domestic terrorists. They attack their religion.

All our corrupt politicians and agency pencil pushers want is fodder for the war machine and, possibly, a force to control Americans, as Tucker suggests.

If so, there goes the Constitution.

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