The Tucker Carlson – Russian President Putin Interview – Updated, Timestamp & Tucker’s Impressions


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Go to Tucker Carlson Network for the transcript here.

After reviewing the history of Russia and Ukraine, Russian President Putin said Russia wanted to come through the door and have a relationship with the West. He might have joined NATO but realized Russia was not welcome.

He said he tried to build a relationship in other ways. For instance, he encouraged the US not to encourage separatism in the Caucuses. They did, anyway. Putin said the CIA replied they were working with the opposition in Russia and would keep doing it, but they wouldn’t work with Russia.

When the US missile defense system was created, Putin said the US and Russia should develop a nuclear defense system jointly. This was under Bush Sr. They agreed, but with some exceptions. Then, they told Russia to get lost. He described a US system run by agencies, and they made the decision.

Putin said he was promised NATO would not expand to the East. By 2008, the US said the doors to NATO were open to Ukraine.

Then, the coup came in 2014, he said. He said Russia had to protect Crimea. Putin said the coup of the Ukrainian President was unnecessary. The Ukrainian president was willing to have an election that he never would have won, but the West pushed for revolution in the Maidan.

Russia never agreed to have NATO in Ukraine. They signed MINSK II, but Ukraine said they would never implement it. Germany and France admitted they never intended to implement it.

Putin claimed he spoke with the US all the time, but they insisted on war.

He said they had not reached their aims – denazification, for one. Ukraine developed its identity on false heroes who collaborated with Hitler. They were involved in exterminating Polish, Russian, and Jewish populations. These Nazi heroes have monuments, they’re on flags, and these are people who exterminated the others.

Tucker said you don’t control the whole country, so how do you extinguish the nation’s ideology?

Putin said Ukraine put in writing that Nazism would be eliminated in official quarters. That is it.

Why haven’t there been peace talks? Putin said there had been and was almost finalized; the other side threw the agreements out, and the former PM of the UK, Boris Johnson, forbade negotiations.

Putin said he withdrew from Kiev based on negotiations, but then Ukraine decided to go to full war.

He said he has no interest in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania – why would we? Putin said, “It is absolutely out of the question. It goes beyond common sense” to go to a global war. It will bring the world to the brink of extinction.

Putin said an invasion of Europe is just Western scaremongering.

Their goal is to weaken Russia as much as possible, Putin said.

Tucker asked him about Schumer threatening to send US soldiers. Putin said he doesn’t understand why they should. There are mercenaries from Poland, the US, etc.

This would bring us to a bad place. He asked, “Don’t you have anything better to do?” Putin asked. Rather than fighting in Ukraine, you have problems on the border and elsewhere. He asked, ” Isn’t it better to negotiate with Russia? ”

When asked who blew up Nord Stream, Putin said you look at who is interested and who is capable.

Tucker wanted to know why Putin wouldn’t present evidence. Putin said the US controls much of the world’s media, and most people know who did it. Tucker also asked why the Germans weren’t saying something.

Putin said it confuses him, too. Germany will not open the surviving Nord Stream pipe. Poland won’t open the route on their end, but Germany feeds Poland to a certain extent. Putin said he doesn’t understand it. These are incompetent people.

When Tucker asked who blew up Nord Stream, Putin pointed to Tucker and said, “You,” joking. Tucker said he had an alibi.

Tucker asked how the dollar has changed the world. Putin said the weaponization of the dollar was a mistake of the US leadership. The dollar is the cornerstone of US power, but the fact that the US is putting certain restrictions on the dollar sends a message to the whole world, and everyone is looking to protect themselves.

Putin said he didn’t ban the US dollar. The US action undermined the US dollar.

He claimed that the boogeyman stories about China are just that. Russia has increased trade with China, and it’s well-balanced. The BRICS countries are developing very rapidly. In 1992, BRICS represented 16% of world trade and are now more than G7. It’s inevitable. How does the US deal with it? With force. The leaders in the West haven’t accepted that the world is changing.

He called the sanctions illegitimate by UN regulations.

Then Tucker asked if a new president could work with the US if he took over. Putin said it isn’t about one person. He felt he had a good relationship with Bush and Trump, but nothing would change if self-conceit and domination are the goals.

Russia became the first economy despite sanctions. The sanctions don’t work, he said.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia felt constant pressure. Dragging Ukraine into NATO is pressure, pressure, pressure. Why, he asked.

He said the US has many centers of power [deep state – agencies].

They discussed God and the AI empire.

Going back to Ukraine, he said NATO essentially began to develop bases in Ukraine, and Russians were non-titular in Ukraine. He doesn’t know why Boris Johnson told Ukraine not to negotiate, but he thinks the West decided they could defeat Russia militarily.

They also discussed the imprisoned Wall Street Journal writer, and Tucker went to bat for him.



Tucker didn’t mention how impressive Putin’s knowledge of the US government is. Another impression I have is he wants respect from the US. But the US cannot, under this administration is moving toward the communism and Woke ideology that Russia is moving away from. People like John McCain influenced the Maidan Revolution in Ukraine, and if you remember, McCain was giving speeches to our cadets, bashing the idea of making America great. It was becoming a very different USA.

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12 days ago

It seems to me the reason the deep state wants Putin to give up Crimea to have a peace deal; deep state knows he will never agree with that and the deep state must make him look bad in the media. The folks running our country don’t want peace with Russia; it’s necessary for the USA to have a perpetual enemy for the people to be controlled. Centuries of that in recorded history. Currently being used in USA,

John Acord
John Acord
12 days ago

Putin is certainly the most durable and powerful leader yet of the 21st Century. He took the helm of Russia during a period of economic collapse and rebuilt the country by the application of capitalist capitalist economics. Remember, that Putin holds a Ph.D. in Economics and knows how to manage an economy and the power of the capitalist system. Russia is now the great power and the preeminent power in Europe. Ukraine will add nearly immeasurable wealth to the Russian state as well as prevent further expansion of NATO that solely exists to satisfy the demands of the military-industrial complex and drain resources from American taxpayers. It has failed miserably in Afghanistan and it has failed in Ukraine.

SenileJoe MustGo
SenileJoe MustGo
12 days ago

Mr. Putin has proven himself to be a very intelligent man with highly developed negotiation skills – he’s far too smart for any of the dummies in the Biden Administration. Likely, he’s also much more moral than traitorous criminal Joe Biden who is responsible for the deaths and enslavement of hundreds of thousands if not millions of people. I’d trade the senile pervert we now have in the White House for Vladimir Putin any day.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
12 days ago

I am over an hour in and for some reason the conversation is reminding me of a marriage counselor working with one of partners in a broken relationship.
Putin seems genuine. Of course he has his goals in the interview, in fact even says as much. What I keep hearing is the question – why does the USA not want a good relationship with a commercial Russia? Shouldn’t we be working together? Why d the members of NATO keep giving mixed signals such as Trudeau praising a NAZI? (I chuckled because the Canadian Prime Minister is an idiot!)
Richard Nixon wrote a brilliant book about understanding the Russian people and their thinking. Notice how Putin took the 1,000 year view of Russian history. Note his point of the geographic position difference between the USA and Russia.

I will say it again: With a President Trump I believe Russia/USA relations would be far better.

If one gets nothing else out of the interview, at least consider how other nations see some of the ‘to them’ nonsensical actions of the USA. As he said, presidents come and president go, the the people who run the country stay the same.

12 days ago

You are right on Peter, I’d like to add Putin also indicated the elected officials of our country are not in charge. Putin would talk to our President and the “deep state” would want something different. Of course Putin did not use the term DS but it was obvious.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
13 days ago

33 minutes in Putin starts to talk about NATO.
Consider Trump’s approach to Putin.
Understand that if Trump’s approach had been used then, that we would live in a far different and better world.

SenileJoe MustGo
SenileJoe MustGo
12 days ago

Trump and Putin liked and respected each other and both are miles above Pervie Joe in intelligence. We need Donald Trump back in the White House now!