The Unstoppable Global Economic Dictatorship


Capitalism faces a complete collapse due to the sudden rise of index funds and ESG investing. Together they are the politicization and weaponization of business and investments. Their purpose is to achieve a far-left political agenda that democratically-elected governments will not pass.

They pose an existential threat and cannot co-exist with capitalism. Although, the World Economic Forum will attempt to convince people it is just a new form of capitalism by calling it stakeholder capitalism, it’s actually corporatism.

You have seen it in action already. For example, Biden has threatened and bullied companies into not investing in oil and gas. Team Biden has demonized oil and gas companies. It sets them up as unworthy businesses to get slammed under the new moral structure imposed by ESG.


Currently, Index Funds and the environmental, social and governance (ESG) rating system are the biggest trend in finance and business.

Defining the Threat

An index fund is a mutual fund or exchange-traded fund designed to follow certain preset rules so that the fund can track a specified basket of underlying investments. While index providers often emphasize that they are for-profit organizations, index providers have the ability to act as “reluctant regulators” when determining which companies are suitable for an index. In other words, they can be weaponized.

They are the weapons of unethical activists who are changing the metrics by which investors evaluate companies. Usually, good investment ratings go to companies that are sound, and minimize risks. The new rules are purely left-wing ideology. Profits and capitalism are at the bottom of the priorities. On the top are their vague and undefined values as determined by the ESG rating system.

Index funds focused on sustainability oversee $250 billion of assets. More than 180 CEOs signed up for this system.

To sum it up, this is a form of corporatism that uses business as a weapon to achieve public policy.

ESG claims successes that don’t exist – they are merely a mask for a political agenda.

Corporatism is one of the main tenets of Mussolini’s Fascism. We are talking about a real-life Big Brother.

Companies are capitulating to leftist causes in all areas of life.

We saw the capitulation with the mask-wearing and lockdowns. It’s power is felt in the NFL and MBA with irresponsible allegations against law enforcement and claims of ever-present white supremacy. The LGBTQIA movement is regaled as if who one sleeps with merits constant instruction and praise from corporations. It gets them better ESG ratings.

The propaganda is easily spread by unaccountable corporations who are doing the business of far-left politicians and activists.

It’s everywhere we go – even in our cookies.


They don’t care that most Americans don’t agree or support their causes. Companies bow to a different master, one they see as now in charge. Undoubtedly, many of these companies agree with the leftist causes, but isn’t it more about aligning with the power brokers?

Those pushing for change are now employing different tactics that sidestep public rejection. Activist index funds are the forces bearing down on corporate America. They call themselves “stakeholders” of The Great Reset.

Politicized investment managers want to call the shots and push companies to align with anything the far-left wants and desires.

If they don’t want guns, they’ll rate companies that make or sell guns or lobby for them, like the NRA, as unworthy investments. They’ll give them low ESG ratings.

Environmental, Social, and Governance Social Credit System

This social credit system evaluates firms on their compliance with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) targets. A company could be a great performer but could receive a downgraded ESG rating. Investments will dwindle based on these Maoist-like credit ratings. Worse than that, investment managers with the clout can use the ESG ratings during shareholder meetings to force compliance with far-left causes.

The most powerful weapon is the index funds. BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street control almost all index funds. And they’re all led by WOKE management. The three combined control $20 trillion in investor assets. They control nearly 25% of shareholder votes in the S&P 500 companies.

They will vote out anyone who doesn’t oblige and follow ESG standards of Marxist climate change and diversity. Index funds, backed by the WOKEs threaten to completely control all financial establishments.

Most alarming is the three largest credit-rating companies are in line with them and ESG. They are powerful and they can force state governments to drop oil and gas, guns, anything they don’t like.

The Rating System Is Whatever They Say It Is At the Moment

The ESG WOKEs like to say they’ve quantified the metrics but they clearly have not.

In a paper authored by Rupert Darwell for RealClearPolitics, he “notes the absence of an agreed-upon, internally consistent definition of ESG. Darwell observed that different ESG raters come up with different ratings for the same firms. He also traces the evolution of ESG from the ethical investment movement, which accepted that excluding “sin stocks” incurs a financial penalty.

Destroying Sovereignty

The system is unjust. Some states are resisting. In a recent op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, Utah Treasurer Marlo Oaks sounded the alarm on how the new ESG criteria have weaponized credit access to serve a subjective political agenda. Utah, with an outstanding credit rating is becoming a victim of ESG. All red states will become a victim.

West Virginia has fired BlackRock from its investment boards over ESG concerns and Chinese entanglements. States like Texas are demanding fair treatment for the financing of fracking and oil interests crucial to their states’ interests.

This arbitrary power of corporations backed by leftist politicians and activists will destroy state and national sovereignty. It will neutralize the US before the global powerbrokers seeking a one world government.


Currently, the Senate is debating the “Investor Democracy is Expected Act,” in which index firms’ shareholder votes would need to reflect actual investors’ opinions and not the arbitrary whims of their woke directors.

Why are corporations doing this? The WEF and their goal of a one world government controlled by elites might supply the answer.

As Rupert Darwell notes, “Bypassing democratic structures raises profound questions of legitimacy, while merging politics and business is likely to impair business efficiency and innovation, investor returns, and overall economic performance.”

It’s not legitimate. This is a shameful and evil power grab that destroys the middle class and the sovereignty of Western nations.

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