The Washington Commanders Panderers Get Mocked


The Washington team, formally known as The Washington Redskins is now to be known as The Washington Commanders. It’s a sorry name for the team. White lefties decided the word ‘Redskins’ was insulting.

A Native American chief literally designed and approved the logo because he said it honors their people.

They should call the team the Washington Red Commanders Skins to get around the ban.

The far-left state of California banned the use of the word and there were threats to ban the team.

Redskins was canceled by the lefties and they even found a small contingent of Native Americans who disliked it. Now, after struggling for over two years to find a name, they came up with a white name to honor the team.

As Mr. Beck says, “So let me get this straight: they replaced the Washington Redskins and their awesome logo of a Native American warrior with the “Washington Commanders” to honor the white guys who conquered them?”

Great idea, guys.


The people have the power to bring it back — wear your Redskins jersey and hat. Don’t let them do this! It was such a cool name and logo.

I have redskin mugs! Now I will root against them.

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