This Dem Judge Won’t Say Racial Discrimination Is Wrong


Trying to get a straight answer from a Biden nominee is painful. Are you sick of the game playing yet?

On Tuesday, Senator Cruz grilled one of Biden’s nominees for the bench, Kenly Kiya Kato about the morality of racial discrimination.

The Texas Senator asked: “Is racial discrimination wrong?”

Kato responded, “Senator, our Constitution prohibits race discrimination. Discrimination on the basis of race.”

Okay then.

Cruz repeated the question.

Kato said, “Senator as a judge, I don’t deal with issues of morality or whether something you —”

Cruz didn’t let her finish, saying “You have no views on whether it’s right or wrong?”

Kato couldn’t say: “Senator because that is an issue that is frequently litigated before the courts pursuant to Canon three of the Code of Conduct.”

She just can’t get the words out that racial discrimination is wrong. She can’t deal with morality in any way.


She did finally say, “pursuant to Supreme Court precedent, race discrimination under the law is prohibited” but it would be easier to pull her teeth.

Cruz then went on to university admissions. There is a case before the Supreme Court to decide if discriminating against whites and Asians in admissions is now acceptable in this country.


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