Look Who Colluded in Spygate


There is a must-read article by Julie Kelly at American Greatness which draws a connection between Bill Kristol of ‘The Weekly Standard’ and the Trump-Russian collusion story, the dossier, Fusion GPS, and Peter Strzok. The ties can’t possibly be coincidences.

The ties between Bill Kristol and Peter Strzok are such that it appears Kristol was in on the collusion story and the framing of the President.

Of the 31 friends Strzok has on his new Twitter page, Kristol is one, and on his GoFundMe page, Strzok quoted The Weekly Standard as proof he is a victim. Bill Kristol is the magazine’s editor-at-large.

The Weekly Standard, a leading conservative magazine, declared that the “overwrought tale of bias” surrounding Pete is “just sound and fury,” Strzok’s page declares.

The “conservative” magazine absolved the dirty cop. They don’t want you to believe your lyin’ eyes.


Author Kelly points out that days before Strzok launched the Trump-Russia collusion investigation, Kristol wrote an article, Putin’s Party’. In it are all the Democratic talking points on the story. This was before Americans knew of the dossier and the Trump-Russia collusion tale. The media knew about it, however, as it was being peddled around.

The main points of Putin’s Party per Kelly:

Kristol’s article hits on every single one of the Simpson-Steele talking points: Trump forced the GOP to water-down language on the Ukraine in the party’s platform (it didn’t happen); the Russians were behind Wikileaks’ release of the DNC’s hacked emails (unproven); Trump encouraged foreign powers to interfere in the election (he didn’t); and Trump would not honor U.S. commitments to NATO (an overblown assessment of Trump’s NATO criticism nearly all the Republican candidates made). He listed a handful of unknown Trump campaign associates who would soon become household names, including campaign manager Paul Manafort; national security advisor, Lt. General Michael Flynn; and foreign policy aide Carter Page. (Strzok and the FBI formally opened their investigation into the three men—and campaign aide George Papadopoulos—on July 31, 2016.)

At the time, other media outlets were pushing the same story, but Kristol went further. The never Trumper claimed campaign manager Paul Manafort and candidate Donald Trump were financially and in other ways tied to Putin. Putin, he said, was interfering in the election. Kristol asked the readers, “Will other Republicans sit by as the whole Republican party becomes Putin’s party?”


Within hours, Robby Mook reinforced Kristol’s message in an interview on CNN, Ms. Kelly reports.

The next day, Carter Page received his first text from a reporter and former Wall Street Journal colleague of Simpson’s, asking him about his ties to Russia and mentioning dossier-sourced specifics. The White House press corps began asking Josh Ernest questions.

Kristol’s presidential candidate Evan McMullin also pushed the collusion story. It’s interesting, Miss Kelly notes that Kristol has never tweeted about Fusion GPS.

We also know that Free Beacon paid for the opposition research before Clinton did. Under her, a British spy was hired and it converted into Spygate. The Free Beacon website is run by Kristol’s son-in-law, Matthew Continetti.

Coincidentally, The Weekly Standard has not yet reported key developments of Spygate.

There is much more in the American Greatness article and you might want to read it.


Ms. Kelly didn’t mention it, but Stephen Hayes is notoriously anti-Trump and has made the Fox News show, Special Report, unwatchable. In July of 2016, he wrote an article, Donald Trump Is Crazy, and So Is the GOP for Embracing Him. Hayes wrote of Trump, “(T)his isn’t the behavior of a rational, stable individual. It should embarrass those who have endorsed him and disgrace those who have attempted to normalize him.”

Hayes foretold Trump’s imminent downfall in January of 2016 and consistently wrote disparagingly of Trump with favorable comments of Hillary.

Steve Hayes referred to Trump as a clown, adding that the president-elect was merely on “an ego trip” and that while Hayes doesn’t expect him to rise in the primary polls, Trump could possibly help elect Hillary by running a third party. Hayes also called Trump a “pseudo-conservative” who doesn’t deserve much attention.

Despite being wrong at every turn and extremely hateful, Hayes was promoted to editor-in-chief.

The Weekly Standard is no longer a conservative magazine. It’s a propaganda outlet for the Trump haters. They prefer the leftist candidates to President Trump who is doing the very things they have said they want to be done.

Conservatives are relying on the magazine when it is, in fact, misinforming people.



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