The WHO Is Preparing for a Human Bird Flu Pandemic – Just in Case


You’ll be happy to know that The WHO is preparing for the next potential pandemic – human bird flu (H5N1). Not only is the Director-General warning that the flu could jump to humans, but he is also planning for it. He has initiated the process to develop a new vaccine and antivirals for global use to deal with human bird flu.

He has engaged drugmakers to prepare for a human bird flu pandemic.

Who wil pay for this? Tedros has said in the past that he wants the “rich” countries to pay for vaccines for the underdeveloped countries. Biden’s new Chief of Staff, Jeff Zients, has said the same thing.

Tedros said the bird flu, which has jumped to mammals, “needs to be monitored closely.” He said it rarely jumps to humans but that we can’t assume it will “remain the case.”

“We must prepare for any change in the status quo,” he said.

Hopefuly, this won’t become the impetus to pass the pandemic treaty. The World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is also planning a pandemic treaty to give himself and his global organization exclusive global power over pandemics and anything he can tie to it, like lockdowns, masking, mandatory vaccines, and vaccine passports. He would remain sovereign over 194 nations on these issues if it’s approved.

The Sentinel posted a story recently about UK and German scientists claiming they are worried about bird flu jumping to humans. These stories are far more frequent than they were in the past decade. It seems there are a lot of prognosticators and fearmongers astir over bird flu.

Tedros recently overreacted to Monkeypox and declared it a global health emergency against the advice of his panel.


It’s good to be prepared, but we know the vaccines did not work as advertised and may have a bad cost-benefit analysis profile. The masking and lockdowns didn’t work either. All Tedros has in his bag of tricks are the very things that didn’t work.

At least we’re hearing about anti-virals this time.

These people are amazingly prescient. They were planning for COVID-19 before it became a problem also. Moderna CEO Bancel admitted that the company produced 100,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses in 2019.

COVID-19 was declared a pandemic in January 2020. Eco-Health Alliance feared SARS also and worked on it with the Wuhan laboratory.

We’re not saying these operators are somehow contributing to bird flu transferring to humans, but we do think they learned how to use these illnesses to their benefit and to move their agenda along.

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