The WHO Is Run by the Chinese Communist Party


Jonathan W. Emord has frequently litigated against the federal bureaucracy and won. Ron Paul calls Jonathan “an expert in constitutional theory and history” and “an expert litigator with a long string of legal victories over the federal bureaucracy.” He recently spoke at a Webinar: Committee on The present danger: China. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) runs the WHO, which is about to take over some of the key sovereignty of 194 nations with a Pandemic Treaty.

Who’s on First at the WHO: The CCP Runs It – and We Must Leave It

Jonathan Ermond’s Opening

“Well, one of the most unfortunate occurrences in our history are these occasional incursions into sovereignty that have been characteristic of the Biden administration and of the Democrat leadership in the Senate.

“We have an opportunity by blocking the president through the budget process to achieve our objectives. And there are innumerable ways in which Republicans should be standing up and fighting against this president and his attempt to wet us to a World Health Organization agenda that is largely dictated by our enemy, by the communist Chinese.

“If we fail to protect our Constitution and our national sovereignty, as well as our individual sovereignty, the game is up. And whether that is done by turning over power to the World Health Organization or just by Biden adhering to the World Health Organization’s dictates, as are themselves largely the byproduct of a complicity with the communist Chinese.

“We are effectively losing our liberty, and there can be no more precious liberty than your liberty over your own body, over what is done to your body in the course of a pandemic or any other disease in which the nation must rally around our Constitution.

“The purpose of the Bill of Rights, for example, and of our constitutional separation of powers is designed to have resiliency in the midst of a crisis. It’s not meant to be forfeited in a crisis. And a crisis is no justification for a denial of your civil liberties.

“Nowhere in the Constitution does it provide an escape clause for authoritarianism, where suddenly an authoritarian state can be erected whenever there is a Rahm Emanuel-style crisis identified. This is but one instance, but a profound one in which our freedom is once again at stake.

“We have the duty as a people who love liberty and who believe in the Constitution of the United States to not allow a president of the United States who has abdicated his role under the Constitution to take this country and draw it down into a situation in which we become serfs or slaves to the dictates of an international organization like W.H.O.

“That is even made more profound when we understand just how heavy the influence of communist China is over W.H.O. and our recent experience with the pandemic response. We saw our own country through the CDC and the FDA fall in lockstep by the by the president’s dictates, the CDC’s direction on how to deal with the pandemic.

“That response was disastrous. We had a one size fits all approach, which was a vaccine that was oversold, that resulted in injury to a significant percentage of the population and for which information was suppressed. We had no criticism of the vaccine allowed through the big tech and media platforms as a result of collusion identified most recently in the Twitter files whereby you have the White House dictating censorship of specific individuals and organizations that were trying to articulate what now we know to be very valid criticisms of the government’s approach, authoritarian approach to this.

“Imagine a different world. Imagine the world that the founding Fathers created…imagine a world in which free and wide open and robust scientific debate took place, as our Constitution requires. What would you have had different? Well, you would have had the opportunity for critics of the vaccine who said from the very start and oftentimes throughout the whole pandemic that the vaccine would not be a foolproof system of protection against acquiring COVID.

“And indeed, we know that people did acquire COVID, that the vaccine was not an assurance that you could not transmit the disease, that you could carry and transmit it even if you were vaccinated. That this othering of unvaccinated and condemnation of them was wholly unjustified scientifically because there was no difference between who could carry the disease and who could not. Based on vaccination, there was no difference in who could acquire the disease and who could not, based on vaccination.

“They lied to us repeatedly. They told us that this mask, this masking mandate, which is a tremendous control mechanism, that this masking mandate was essential for our health. We now know that transmission of COVID, a nanoparticle, flies right through cotton strands of thread and is simply incapable of being stopped by a mask.

“The whole notion that somehow the population could be deluded into a system that would be to the great advantage of some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world and to the state in controlling people is not an answer in a free country to a pandemic or any other situation.

“We had the opportunity instead to have wide open, robust debate, early treatment that was suppressed and denied criticism of the approach that was taken that would have allowed novel introduction of different approaches. This is how free people protect themselves. This is how we protect ourselves from a weaponized virus.

“And let there be no mistake, this is a weaponized virus from communist China because at a minimum, at a minimum, I say even with the information we have, which is not complete, we know that at the time they locked down the province of Wuhan against travel within their own country, that they purposefully left international flights open to allow the virus to go all over the world as a bioweapon.

“So, this is when we talk about the World Health Organization, we talk about an entity that is largely a captive of our enemies. We should not be a part or funding or participating in this entity, or any entity that is a proxy for the authoritarian will of our enemies.

“We should instead be honest with the American people, tell them what this is, and ensure that we get out of it as fast as we possibly can. Every means necessary needs to be done to do that, and so any attempt to do the contrary should be viewed by freedom loving people as a direct threat to their sovereignty. Let there be no mistake about this.

“If this goes through, and it looks like the signature is imminent from this White House, if this goes through and they achieve their objectives, what this will mean is that you as a patient will not have the control over the doctor patient relationship and the physician will be obliged bureaucratically to ensure that the one size fits all demands of this of this World Health Organization override his or her independent professional judgment.”

Dr. Robert Malone spoke about the CCP

“What we have here is a situation of an organization, a non-governmental organization, really. It poses as if it has the authorization of the world government. And it executes treaties with other entities. But the World Health Organization, as you have correctly identified, has largely been captured by the CCP, as well as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, who has provided substantial funding.

“And it has long been an arm of American diplomacy traditionally and frankly has been seen as having an intelligence component to its activities in terms of the American intelligence infrastructure. But now in its current embodiment, it’s a deeply corrupted organization.

“It went through a period a few years ago of a relative deficit of funding. And one of the consequences of that was that it had to restructure its activities. And I can tell you personally from my own experience, as well as from what I’ve learned from many others, the W.H.O. has decided on a business model in which it solicits donations from Pharma.

“And those donations can come in the form of direct capital or full-time employees that are subsidized by Pharma and placed in positions of influence and directorships. Et cetera. Within the World Health Organization. So, they’re relying on capital from the CCP, from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and from Pharma to support their ongoing activities.

“I once had a client back when we were advancing an Ebola vaccine that was a very small biotech based in Ames, Iowa, that I saw directly getting shaken down by the director general of the World Health Organization in a play in which it was asserted that, well, since this small company with its candidate vaccine (which, by the way, eventually became the Merck Ebola vaccine) was now being considered seriously as one of the main candidates for the world for Ebola vaccination, they had an obligation to provide capital to the World Health Organization. That’s kind of the way this game is played.

“So, the WHO organization has been corrupted for a number of years now, and the CCP as is its wont, is very good at exploiting these types of cracks in organizations to its own end.

Watch the Webinar on this link.

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