The WHO Pandemic Treaty Is Back


The World Health Organization failed. Director Tedros said it failed, but he would never give up, and he and his comrades didn’t.

A “Drafting Group” has been created to continue the WHO negotiations. Several countries are trying to reach an agreement before the end of the 77th WHA on June 1, 2024.

James Roguski reports that WHO Member States agreed to continue working during the World Health Assembly, which ends on 1 June, to finalize the package of amendments to the IHR (2005) and agree on the timing, format, and process to conclude the pandemic agreement.

Mr. Roguski’s substack information is free. Read the complete information on his substack.

Basically, they get to decide the measures and travel requirements. They are very close to agreement.


The WHO and its lawyers have cleverly hidden details and used doublespeak to get around the Constitution.

Roguski says that the proposed amendments do not concern mandates, lockdowns, or your relationship with your doctor.

The proposed amendments are NOT an attack on national sovereignty.

The proposed amendments are an EXTREMELY dangerous expression OF national sovereignty, Roguski states.

[I still call this an attack on sovereignty because of its effects on sovereignty and the fact that it hands the UN and progressive Democrats the ultimate power.]

Unfortunately, requiring that foreign travelers meet national entry requirements is NOT “unconstitutional,”  Roguski said. He added that such requirements would NOT be an overreach by the federal government and would NOT violate the 10th Amendment.

An example is when Novak Djokovic couldn’t play in the U.S. Open.

“Nations have the sovereign right to control their borders. The skilled lawyers at the WHO know this, and THAT is why this is such a big problem.

“The WGIHR has been keeping these details hidden from view in the hopes that people would focus on various red herrings while missing these hidden details.

“The proposed amendments to Articles 24 and 27 will NOT be neutralized by state legislation or “state nullification” because the requirements in these amendments would fall upon foreign citizens, not state citizens.”


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