UK, German, EU, US Fund a Global Blacklist of Websites


GDI, or the Global Disinformation Index, is a secret website rating agency based in the UK, and if you get on their blacklist, you can’t get ads to pay for your site. It is funded in part by the US taxpayer. They are self-appointed, partisan, and funded by governments, including the US State Department. Private donors like the Soros family are also funders.

Mr. Freddie Sayers of Unherd is on the blacklist and cannot get any advertising. He actually got a response from them through the company Oracle. He was told he posts anti-LGBT+ material. Specifically, they post articles by gender-critical feminists, in other words, writers pointing to differences between males and females. One of Unherd’s columnists, Professor Kathleen Stock, writes about this and the dangers of transitioning children. GDI classified it as misinformation or adversarial narratives.

Adversarial narratives can be true, but they don’t agree with them.


In 2018, GDI said it would be transparent, but it is not. It has also changed its purpose from disinformation to what its founder describes as adversarial narratives. Its new software and algorithms identify adversarial narratives, which are narratives that go against its narrative. They can be true, but it protects the narratives because it sees certain narratives as important.

GDI purports to rate brand safety — brands people would want to associate with or not. Unherd was put on their Dynamic Exclusion List, the “most dangerous publication” list. The list is continually updated in most languages to include websites worldwide.

Unherd is a good example of how insane this is because they are very reputable and don’t publish misinformation.

GDI is funded by the UK Foreign Office, the US State Department, the European Union, and the German Ministry. This is tantamount to governments destroying Internet companies. GDI also has private funders, such as Soros Foundations.

They are partisan and unaccountable elites who control what people are allowed to say.

Unherd publishes the most famous people worldwide, and they are banned. GDI, a self-appointed agency, decided they had gender-critical beliefs and would continue to have a zero rating even though those dissenting beliefs are protected under British law.

Mr. Sayers explains:


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