The WHO Plans to Work with Big Tech to Control Online Speech


There are two World Health Organization (WHO) reports you need to know about. The first report examines and highlights areas of concern regarding online speech. They pretend it’s a “wake-up call.” The second report, Understanding Disinformation in the Context of Public Health Emergencies: The Case of COVID-19, reflects different approaches to counter disinformation.

They say, “Disinformation, unlike misinformation, is created with malicious intent to sow discord, disharmony, and mistrust in targets such as government agencies, scientific experts, public health agencies, private sector, and law enforcement. In other words, disinformation is a weaponization of information.”

They plan to work with social media providers and law enforcement to control “disinformation.”


If you remember, at the last World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting, they concluded they have to “rebuild trust,” and they clearly planned to do it through censorship. This is an offshoot of that goal.

The ever-vigilant Reclaim the Net reports that the World Health Organization is continuing efforts to suppress online information. They are censoring and talking about so-called disinformation.

In a recent statement, they said that the UN wouldn’t mind following in the footsteps of governments that collude with big tech. After all, the UN has been pejoratively called “the world government.”

They are less worried about actual health issues than they are about health, security risk, and “enhancing cyber maturity.”

“Enhancing cyber maturity” is newspeak for social media censorship and online publications.

The people who plan to enhance cyber maturity are Interpol, the UN Office of Drugs and Crime, the UN Office of Counter-Terrorism, the UN International Computing Center, the UN Regional Crime and Justice Research Institute, and the Cyber Peace Institute.

They claimed they’re looking for solutions to what allegedly happened during the pandemic [people got wise to them?]. They claimed the IT infrastructure of healthcare institutions was targeted.

They say one solution is to raise awareness of disinformation and information manipulation.

They will use the usual trusted sources and fact-checkers, who are all left-wing.

They conclude, “The reports (from previously here, listed you when agencies) justify the critical need to build multisectoral alliances that can harness the benefits of new technologies for improved health and well-being, well facing constantly emerging threats.”

The WHO, which is tied to the globalists and the Communist Chinese party, is now in the business of heavy-duty censorship, and they use the fanciest word salads to make it all justifiable.

It’s the people against the collective globalists.

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