The Who Turns Into Hamas Fans Spreading Propaganda


The WHO – the World Health Organization – posted a video to social media depicting Gaza as a lovely, peaceful place before Israel’s invasion. The one thing it was not was a joyous, beautiful place. In truth, the people are impoverished, while Hamas builds tunnels so they can kill Israelis.

The video begins with a cartoon utopia. The children are playing as a teddy bear goes on fire, buildings and cars flip over, and then the children are crying.

“Somebody’s daughter, somebody’s son, somebody’s sister, somebody’s brother. Somebody’s everything. Gone,” reads the caption. “In just one month, 4,104 children have been killed in Gaza. WHO calls for an immediate ceasefire.”

There was no mention of Oct. 7 or the kidnap victims.

“This is horribly one-sided,” wrote one Instagram user in response. “War is awful, and no innocent civilians should suffer or die. I’m not minimizing what’s happening to the citizens of Gaza, but there is no mention of the impact on Israel and the loss of Israeli lives on 10/7/2023, along with hostages taken by a terrorist group, Hamas. Do better!”

WHO head Tedros is the clown who wants to govern the world on illnesses, digital IDs, vaccines, and lockdown mandates.

The children playing with Teddy Bears, oh, wait, those are guns as their parents fuel hatred in their own children.

The WHO, an arm of of the UN and the Chinese Communist Party, is planning a complete takeover.

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