There are no journalists – riot glass no longer works – Reliable Sources just lies


As media attacks bounce off the President, the fake news media becomes more corrupt and more dishonest. The U.S. press corp is lost and without media that we can trust, our country is in serious trouble.

The ‘journalists’ have gone insane. President Trump drove them crazy. We are at the point that when the President is wrong, they go wild with attacks and when he’s right, they go wild with attacks.

Take the riots that Democrats pretend don’t exist.

Chicago rioters looted and vandalized the Magnificent Mile this weekend. The city had to raise the bridges to isolate the massive assault. It appeared to have begun after a justified police shooting in the Englewood section. Police shot a young man as he was firing on them.

In Seattle, rioters broke into banks and in Portland, they set some fires and terrorized people living in the suburbs. The federal officers are nowhere to be found as the Oregon politicians requested, so instead of burning down the federal courthouse, they’re trying to burn down the police station. They set at least two fires in the building.

At one point, the media tried to put the blame on the right-wing, but the perpetrators want Biden to win and say they are anarcho-communists.

Democrats in Congress have denied there are any riots. According to them, there are only peaceful protests with a few rogue players.

The opposite is true.

Businesses have tried to protect themselves from the vandalism and theft with riot glass. Take a look at the rioters’ new creative approach:

The media has taken to out-and-out lying. Consider the article from the far-left Washington Post which only offers the opinion of the lunatic rioters without any counter opinion. They even highlight their rioting wardrobes.

The endless narrative has been Portland violence is only because of Trump’s federal officers. They’re gone and the violence continues and began long before the federal officers came.

Seattle was supposed to be a ‘summer of love’ and it cost two people their lives.

Chicago pretends that gang violence doesn’t exist or they claim it’s because guns exist. They do nothing to deal with core issues.

The media wants chaos and they want you to believe their narrative, not facts, not the truth.


Watch this gaslighting from Brian Stelter on ‘Reliable Sources.’ There are some radio shows that are conservative and there is some conservative news on Fox. All of the mainstream media, all of it is out to get Trump.

In the clip below, Stelter actually asks if there is any media outlet that goes after Trump the way conservatives go after Biden. Are they insane? There’s MSNBC, CNN, NY Times, Washington Post, ABC, CBS, NBC — all left-wing, pro-Biden.


We have a media that actually lies and pretends the entire media, well over 90% of it, is not aimed at tearing down President Trump when that is all they care about. They are activists pretending to be journalists.

They have lost all pretense of wanting to report the news. Even Fox regurgitates the AP and Reuters news. They aren’t investigating as they once did.

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