There goes America, sacrificed to the mob


Yesterday, we reported that the statues of St. Junípero Serra, Ulysses S. Grant, and Francis Scott Key were torn down amid growing debate over the legacies of historical figures.

They are destroying our history, our literature, our art, to make way for their hard-left idols and to rewrite our history.

We neglected to tell you about the toppling of the Albert Pike statue in D.C.

The destruction of the history and beauty of these statues meets no resistance. Before our eyes, the USA we knew is being erased.

Originally, the excuse was confederate statues hurt peoples’ feelings — and Pike was a confederate although that was not the totality of his life. Pike “specialized in claims on behalf of Native Americans against the federal government. In 1852 he represented the Creek Nation before the Supreme Court in a claim regarding ceded tribal land.”

And what about President Grant who helped free the slaves? Grant’s statue was ripped down on Juneteenth. Frederick Douglass eulogized him. However, he must come down because he didn’t help the Indians, although he tried. The politics of the left stood in his way.

Grant’s presidency was in trouble but got the 15th Amendment passed. He crushed the 1st iteration of the KKK and he tried reforming U.S. Indian policy.

When Prussia’s leader told him he had had to save the Union, Grant said, “Not only save the Union but destroy slavery.”

The continuation of U.S. policy against indigenous people during his presidency was his greatest unresolved burden. His reforms failed. The Trail of Tears, which began in 1831 long before his presidency, ended in 1877 when his presidency ended. It was not his wish to continue this.

In the end, it’s rather ridiculous to go into the positives and negatives of each man because that is not what it is about. All men are imperfect. This movement is about destroying America.

It is a crime to destroy public property. If they want it taken down, they can request it. But, that isn’t what is going on.

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