There might not be evidence to charge officers in George Floyd’s death



Prosecutors have warned there is “evidence that does not support criminal charges” in the case of four cops accused of killing George Floyd. Prosecutors say police can use a “certain amount of force – but not excessive.”

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman stressed the need to see all the evidence before jumping to a conclusion regarding the death of George Floyd.

Addressing reporters at a Thursday afternoon press conference, Freeman mentioned that he had seen evidence that might exonerate the officer who killed George Floyd, The Washington Examiner reported.

“My job, in the end, is to prove he violated a criminal statute, and there’s other evidence that does not support a criminal charge,” Freeman said. “We need to wade through all of that evidence and to come through with a meaningful determination, and we’re doing that to the best of our ability.”

That’s insane. Mr. Floyd died from asphyxiation and that alone is enough for manslaughter. [Update: He did not die of asphyxiation or strangulation according to preliminary autopsy results out Friday so we are taking this comment back.]

Mr. Floyd, the father of two currently living in Texas with their mother, was under arrest for possibly passing forged money. It is also believed he has a third child with his fiance.

So far authorities are not ready to arrest the police who were involved in the arrest, ending in the death of the 46-year-old black man.

In the press conference Thursday, authorities did not have an announcement of an arrest of the officers in the case.

“We thought we would have another development to tell you about… but we don’t,” admitted U.S. Attorney for the District of Minnesota Erica MacDonald.

The authorities refused to confirm what the “development” would have been but McDonald said “it mattered” and “I hope to tell you soon.”

“I wouldn’t have wasted your time coming here,” she said.

It comes as calls continue to mount for white cop Derek Chauvin to be charged with murder after he knelt on the neck of the black man for eight minutes before he passed out and later died. There are calls to charge the other three officers who stood around as Officer Chauvin kept his knee on Floyd’s neck for several minutes. Mr. Floyd died immediately after.


In 2006 Amy Klobuchar, then a district attorney declined to bring charges against Derek Chauvin when he shot and killed a Native American man, The Washington Times reported. [Update: This media report was inaccurate. The story was accurate but Ms. Klobuchar was not in the office at the time and had no involvement in the case.]

The Washington Times reported that Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar failed to file charges, according to reports by far-left outlets like the Guardian and the Young Turks. Chauvin allegedly had ten complaints against him in twenty years.

The riots over the death of Mr. Floyd are being led by Black Lives Matter and Antifa.


Don Lemon just said on Thursday evening on CNN that he doesn’t care if we’re a “good or bad white person” in response to the George Floyd killing. He also tore into Attorney General Bill Barr and President Donald Trump as if this event in Minneapolis was their fault. The President and the Attorney General are ensuring that the investigation is done fairly.

Don Lemon wants to stir up more unrest. He is certainly succeeding on Twitter.

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