There were no arms whatsoever at the ‘armed insurrection’


The buffoons in charge of our government think there will be a dangerous revolt today as they claim QAnon will lead a revolt to make Donald Trump president. QAnon has no members. There’s a poster(s) called QAnon and people read the posts. There is no organization or even a group and there are no members.

They canceled activities at the Capitol today. If they are going to do that every time there is chatter, why have all those armed guards? They will never be open anyway.

After the last ARMED INSURRECTION, they’re scared.

Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat toadies called the riot at the Capitol on January 6th, which included a lot of people just walking around and chanting, an armed insurrection. For that reason, she demanded the impeachment of DJT.

After all, wasn’t it an ARMED INSURRECTION!? No, that was another lie.


In a hearing yesterday about the ARMED INSURRECTION, Wray had to admit that no arms were found. NO ONE was charged with gun possession.

How do you have a legitimate insurrection with no arms? No firearms were recovered on Capitol grounds or in the Capitol.

Christopher Wray, the FBI Director works for the Democrats but Ron Johnson was able to squeeze out an important fact from him. We all knew it, but now the FBI Director had to admit it. There were no arms found.

A top counterterrorism official in the FBI said they found no arms. That’s because the mostly peaceful protesters didn’t go to hurt or kill anyone, contrary to the Democrats’ carefully-woven tale.

The media told us it was like a war zone. What kind of war zone doesn’t have arms?

The only shots fired were by an anonymous black officer who killed Ashli Babbitt but was quickly exonerated in secret. If that were a white officer and the rioters were black, well, I don’t have to tell you what would have happened. It would have been all over the media and the officer’s life would have been forever changed.

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1 year ago

No arms except for the cops, that coincidentally committed the only murder that day.

1 year ago

Gee, no “arms” found at what the Democrats called an “Armed Insurrection”. An unarmed “mostly Peaceful” protester by Democrat Standards was killed by “The Government”. Pelosi has built a wall around Congress and turned the Capitol into an armed camp, while Traitor Joe has opened the borders to Illegal Aliens. Democrats have clearly gone Bat Shit Crazy. Who is voting for these people? No one is owning up to it in the real world; just the media moron types. There is no way that Democrats won the 2020 elections without massive cheating and now they want to make cheating legal like it is in California. If California (and New York) is so great then why are people and business leaving? It’s pretty clear that everything a Democrat touches turns to shit; so why are they in power? Democrats held riots all summer long and just emboldened Antifa/BLM to burn down cities. The Government refused to get Big Tech under control. If we don’t throw the Communist out soon at the polls, the only way we will get the Country back is by a real armed insurrection. Obviously, the Communist Democrats really are concerned about this.

1 year ago

Was this “intelligence” gathered from YouTube videos. These were the same nutcases that were saying inauguration day would have Trump “in office”. Some were also saying March was the “true” date. I sure don’t trust anything put out by the government on these matters. It’s a good excuse to maintain Fort Pelosi.