There were two fiery crashes at the border on Tuesday


US Customs and Border Protection reported a second crash at the border in California at about the same time as the SUV left 13 illegal aliens dead and 12 injured.

The two separate critical incidents happened during the early morning hours on Tuesday when two SUVs entered a 10-foot hole that had been cut in an old section of the border fence, which was not part of former President Donald Trump’s wall.

According to The Washington Post, CBP spokesman Carlos Pitones said it appears smugglers cut into the fence, built in 2007, as part of a coordinated trafficking operation. That portion was built under the Secure Fence Act, which passed under George W. Bush.

The first to breach the fence was a large Chevrolet SUV that was later found engulfed in flames about 6 a.m., according to a CBP statement. Agents found 19 migrants hiding in the nearby brush, and they were taken into custody.

The second was a maroon Ford Expedition carrying 25 passengers that drove into the path of a large truck on State Road 115 on Tuesday. Surveillance footage confirms that the same Expedition seen driving through the hole in the fence is the same one that collided with the truck about 6:15 a.m., killing at least half of the occupants, including the 28-year-old driver.

The second accident is the one that grabbed national headlines due to the mass casualties. The Ford Expedition carrying 25 people, collided with a large tractor-trailer, killing 12 people instantly. Another individual later died at the hospital. The other 12 individuals were all transported to a local hospital with injuries ranging from serious to critical, based on initial reporting. CBP said in a statement that “all are suspected to have entered the U.S. illegally.”

They had taken out the seats and had people lying on top of one another. That’s how they fit that many people in an SUV. Trafficking goes on all day long at the border. California is fine with it.

Does anyone still believe there are only 11 million people here illegally?

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The Rodeo Is Here
The Rodeo Is Here
2 years ago

No need to hurry CPUSA dependent comrades, Jo Jo has got your back.
If he faceplants comrade kommissarina the Kamal (historic!) will pick up right where he left off.
It will take a minute to charge up the EBT cards and get the lifetime democrat voter packages assembled.
Vote right (left) or else, comrades.
Forward! Yes we can.

2 years ago

Are we sending a bill for the crash cleanup and the medical treatment to the government of mexico?