There’s Hope! Dr. Seuss Still Hot, Wet A** P***Y Grammy’s Not


Earlier this month Dr. Seuss books came under fire by cancel culture warriors.  The iconic children’s classics were even slighted by Joe Biden, when didn’t utter the author’s name in his “Read Across America” proclamation .

That was a break from Joe’s two immediate predecessors.  Most notably, Hunter’s Father broke from former  President Barack Obama, who’d said, “pretty much all the stuff you need to know is in Dr. Seuss.”

What happened to Dr. Seuss’ sales following Joe’s diss?  Shortly after, copies of the beloved children’s author’s most popular books were virtually flying out of Amazon and Barnes and Noble’s warehouses, with his works making up nine out of the top 10 bestsellers on both companies’ lists.

Meanwhile, untouched by any threat of cancelling, the Grammy Awards were live on Sunday night.  The gaudy often lewd spectacle featured a “performance” by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion.  The LA Times gushed the duo gave, “ ….a steamy, live rendition of their hit collaboration, “WAP”.

Those three capital letters are defined in the Urban Dictionary as an acronym for “Wet A** P***Y”.

The lyrics are just what you’d expect or worse.  But, by today’s bizarre inverted cancelling criteria, what used to be considered, vile, racist and degrading language is less offensive than a few illustrations found in 6 Seuss books published decades ago.

But here’s some hope.  While traditional Dr. Seuss has proved to be hot, the Grammy Awards Show was not.  In spite of many people still being shut in, it suffered its lowest ratings ever.  According to The Wrap, ratings for the entertainment awards plunged from 18.8 million viewers in 2020 to 8.8 million  across all platforms. The decrease of 10 million represented a disastrous drop of more than 53% in total viewership.

Now there’s a happy ending!

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Shirley Bassey Is Forever
Shirley Bassey Is Forever
2 years ago

We have WAP because we are evolved and progressive. Plus no one ever thought of it before!
Use say you got any WAP as a pick up line guys, wait, maybe not.

A great cultural renaissance is underway and it is way better than that old white guy stuff.
Saw a fantastic photo of Michelle Obama reading some Dr. Seuss to a classroom, that meme was cancelled down the memory hole.

2 years ago

If Cardi B wrote this song about herself she should have called it BAP or BASP.
(B not for black)