These Are Socialist Bernie’s Demands as He Travels


According to the Smoking Gun website, Senator Bernie Sanders (SBS) likes his hotel rooms freezing cold and does not like environmentally-friendly toilets that flush slowly, according to a leaked tour rider from his 2020 presidential campaign.

Referred to as the ‘Senator Comfort Memo,’ Bernie requires very specific arrangements that need to be met for Sanders’ hotels, food, drink, family and staff.

He’s socialist royalty.

The ‘confidential’ two-page memo for staff only is dated April 10, 2019.


Sanders – known as ‘SBS’ in the document – prefers a non-smoking room that offers ample space so that the senator can “meet with staff in a comfortable setting.”

The memo does declare that upgrades to a large suite should be avoided “as much as possible,” but SBS does prefer small junior suites.

In the event that Bernie is campaigning in a rural city, Sanders has asked to just have a room with a king-size bed.

Sanders requests that rooms have a down comforter or at least one extra blanket and also asks that they come stocked with bathtubs if possible.

Desiring to exist in really cold conditions, the memo states that SBS needs a fan in the room if the room’s thermostat does not go below 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

“Always test, set, and run thermostat before arrival,” the memo states in all caps. In fact, he makes them test everything

He must have his honey tea and his English Breakfast tea. Also, SBS allegedly tells his campaign staff to steal the “mini honey bottles or single honey packs.”





  1. So let the old goat freeze his ass off. As for my requirements warn me if Bernie and his tribe are staying in the same hotel so I can choose another property. iOr, if hotels in the area are full at that time I want the room above his so I can practice clogging at 3 AM. P.S. I’m going to abscond with all the tea bags, honey,,red gator aide and unsalted nuts, donate it to the food bank, and you can put it on my bill.

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