Will she run? Hillary stars in a new film about her fake life


Hausfrau Hill wearing her favorite tablecloth.

This is what you have all waited for — yet another film about Hillary’s life — her fake one, not the one where she’s corrupt. The trailer is nauseating to anyone who knows her well.

She could be setting herself up for a presidential nomination when the other candidates fail miserably. Many of us believe they’ve failed already. Hillary would count on people demanding she runs for president. A brokered convention, perhaps?

Hillary believes she belongs in the White House and it is what she cares about most of all.

If this does come about, she will have problems with Bernie’s communist and socialist voters. They know her acolytes cheated Bernie in the last election. It appears the media and the Party and Barack Obama are conspiring against Bernie yet again. As a result, his supporters are threatening to sit out the 2020 election.

The supporters don’t want the 78-year-old commie with the bad ticker cheated again. Bernie is leading in Iowa and the only other candidate who seems like a winner is the brain-damaged Joe Biden who will be 78 years of age in November. Whoever these two old white men pick as VPs could easily become President in the ensuing four years should they win.

Hillary, on the other hand, is a white woman who will hit 73 years young in October. She’s a relative youngster. The twice-failed presidential candidate is still talking about all the Republican Russian assets in the administration and in Congress despite the fact that there is zero evidence of it.

Watch the trailer of the film of a humanized Hillary Clinton:

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