These Are the Funders of the Violent Riots at UC Berkeley


The rioters who caused chaos and violence at Berkeley last week used a tactic called Black Bloc in which Marxist agitators come into a venue dressed in black, wearing masks, and often carrying black flags and weapons like bricks, firecrackers, Molotov Cocktails, bottles, and so on.

Who funded this particular Black Bloc group? The Daily Caller says a major donor is a Soros-funded group, but it’s not Soros alone.

The Daily Caller reported that the leftists who organized the violent shut down of the Milo Yiannopoulos speech at U.C. Berkeley Wednesday are backed by a charity funded by George Soros, the city of Tucson, a major labor union, and several large companies.

The Global Alliance for Justice, a Soros group based in Tucson, is an organizer and funder of Refuse Fascism, the violent communist group behind the riots at Berkeley.

Refuse Fascism called the violent shut down “righteous”.

According to its most recent 990 tax form, one of the biggest funders of Refuse Fascism is the Tides Foundation, which is funded by George Soros. They donated $50,000. Other donors were the city of Tucson and the United Steel Workers labor union.

Charities associated with several major corporations also donated., the outdoor apparel and equipment company, gave $40,000. The Ben & Jerry Foundation, the charity associated with the ice cream maker, gave $20,000. And Lush Cosmetic gave $43,950, the Daily Caller reported.

Laughably, the Peace Development Fund gave $5,000 to this domestic terrorist organization.

The New World Foundation also donated. That is a group chaired by Hillary Clinton in the 1980s.

On its Facebook page, the group stated that the vandalism and arson were not “violence.” They conclude that the violence is the fault of  Yiannopoulos and Trump  — they caused the violence. [Since Daily Caller posted the article, the Facebook link doesn’t work.]

“Dismantling police fences is not violent. And to compare preventing someone like that from speaking to the real-world violence that they perpetuate everyday is ludicrous,” reads one post on the group’s Facebook page.

This screenshot below taken by Daily Caller mentions some of the communists involved. For example, Carl Dix is listed and he is running The Revolutionary Communist Party. Professor Cornel West isn’t mentioned here but he is one of the initiators.

None of this has to do with Trump, it has everything to do with anarchy and destroying capitalism.

George Soros is also funding other subversive groups like Black Lives Matter, MoveOn, Democracy Spring, Women’s March, and others.

It’s very likely there are many others involved. This isn’t the whole story. We might be shocked by who else is involved when James O’Keefe comes out with his exposé. He had operatives go undercover with the organization.

Bill O’Reilly discussed the funding of radical groups this past month. This is huge.

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