These are the ‘scumbags’ who terrorized Sen Hawley’s wife – home with an infant


Josh Hawley’s wife was home alone in DC with their newborn baby when the “Antifa scumbags” as Senator Hawley calls them showed up and screamed through a megaphone, tried to open the front door, and vandalized the home.

So who are these scumbags? They call themselves environmentalists but of course, they are simply communists and anarchists like the rest of the terrorist affiliates to Antifa and Black Lives Matter.


Shut Down DC is a coalition of environmentalist activist groups that announced plans to significantly disrupt traffic in Washington, D.C. on September 23, 2019, to bring awareness to climate change. The group has stated that it aims for its demonstrations to affect the most powerful people in the city by blocking what they believe to be key intersections for politicians and other areas of note. As of September 13, about 250 people had confirmed they would join in the demonstrations.

The group is sponsored by All Out D.C., a network of activists that formed after the inauguration of President Donald Trump. All Out D.C. has hosted rallies involving Antifa members in the past, causing D.C. police to prevent violent interactions between them and right-wing demonstrators, including the Proud Boys. Additional sponsors include Rising Tide North America, Extinction Rebellion Washington DC, and CCAN Action Fund.


Patrick Young, one of the main organizers of the group, stated that Shut Down DC, a coalition of at least 24 different groups, aims to have decentralized leadership so that it can resist hypothetical efforts by law enforcement to arrest the main leaders.

According to a press release, these groups include 198 Methods, 350 DC, Backbone Campaign, Beyond Extreme Energy, Black Lives Matter DMV, Chesapeake Climate Action Network Action Fund, Code Pink, Extinction Rebellion DC, Friends of the Earth Action, Friends Meeting in Washington Social Concerns Committee, Labor Network for Sustainability, Metro DMV Democratic Socialists of America, Movement for a People’s Party, and Rising Tide North America.

Young himself is a senior research analyst at the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. He had worked at Rising Tide for 15 years where he organized various climate change demonstrations and events. 

On September 18, activist and author Naomi Klein and Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr., CEO and president of Hip Hop Caucus, attended a meeting with members of Shut Down DC to build support for the movement


They are communists/socialists and anarchists. Americans must start standing up to them. There are more of us than there are of them.

These are very bad people.

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Pliny's Naturalis Historia
Pliny's Naturalis Historia
2 years ago

Go off grid if you can. Being part of the cess ridden swamp is a liability at this point.
Some Patriot pages are saying Hawley is the real deal and that Cruz is only pulling a publicity stunt.
It is fun to search through pages and put together the puzzle pieces until the big picture forms.
Only time will tell and history won’t be kind to the traitorous scum who sold out the republic.
It will be the survivors who write the books as they will be the victors in what is coming.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

In a coup, which this is, law enforcement backs off and lets it happen.

Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
2 years ago

We all know George Soros is the major source of funding for these anarchists and the Democrat Party was bought and paid for by George Soros. In these anarchist groups they created a monster than they cannot control. Already the anarchists have shown they are not going to accept anything but total control by them and compliance by us. By them, I don’t mean the Democrats, I mean the anarchists want total control. And as they make gains in compliance, George Soros’ money won’t even be able to keep them in check.