They came from Uzbekistan to Yuma to be Biden’s illegal aliens


Townhall reporter Julio Rosas met up with illegal aliens crossing into Yuma from Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan is a radicalized country 7,000 miles away from Yuma where he spotted them.

Does anyone think we will still be America at the end of this Biden regime? Aside from knowing who the mass invaders are, they are often coming for the wrong reasons and with the wrong values.

How many are coming for our values? Since most are uneducated and poor and were invited for freebies, almost none coming are for the right reasons. The Left is in charge of resettlement and made it clear they don’t want assimilation.

Uzbekistan natives are “A first,” for Julio who’s spent months covering the surging illegal immigration across America’s southwestern border. We know people from more than 150 countries have crossed illegally.

The world was invited in and the world is coming.

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Tilted Brim Poncho Cigarillo
Tilted Brim Poncho Cigarillo
2 years ago

They’re coming to America, today, free milk and honey from the CPUSA, today, soon will we Zimbabwe, no way!
Fundamental Transformation says the Long March burn it all down by any means necessary Weather Underground Government of traitor quisling RAT POS sellouts.