OSHA Vaccine Rule Is a Scam and It’s Working


The $3.5 trillion ‘human infrastructure’ reconciliation bill contains a provision with fines against companies of up to $70,000 and $700,000 for each incident of an unvaccinated employee. Just the possibility has encouraged mass firings at private companies.

When asked by a reporter, White House press secretary Jen Psaki refused to give a timeline for when OSHA will release the new federal rule ordered by Joe Biden. Biden forewarned that the rule mandates companies with more than 100 employees to require Wuhan virus vaccinations.

“You had said it [OSHA rule] would be weeks just now, when it was announced a few weeks ago it was going to take a few weeks so are you signaling a delay of any kind with that rule?” a reporter asked.

“We never gave an exact timeline so maybe we should have been more specific at the time. Obviously, it takes time and we want to make sure when we put these out they are clear and they provide guidance necessary to businesses,” Psaki said. “I can’t give you a timeline. OSHA’s working on them but obviously, hopefully, we’ll know more in the coming weeks.”

Without a definitive rule, no one can take it to court. Yet, at the same time, frightened companies, facing fines, are doing exactly what the government wanted, firing the unvaxxed.

They don’t have to put out a rule to get desired rule. It’s a deliberate scam. By the time the rule finally does come out, they’ll have already achieved the desired result.

The threat alone is working.

According to the NY Times, in an effort to stave off accusations that it looks like a scheme, writes:

As Mr. Biden tries to sell the mandate, OSHA is working on the time-consuming process of writing standards that pass legal muster. The president’s mandate for large employers would affect more than 80 million workers.

The White House said at the time of Mr. Biden’s announcement, in early September, that the OSHA standards would take weeks, which is a typical timeline for an emergency standard. This process includes a number of steps, like demonstrating that workers face a grave danger at work and that a rule is necessary to address the danger.

The Times said OSHA is still weeks away as they work on questions from business groups and try to write a document that cannot lose in court.

How could they prevail? It’s clearly unconstitutional. OSHA has no power to implement and enforce a law, which is what this is.

The media will always come to the rescue.

States like Montana, Texas, and Florida are passing bills outlawing companies from passing vax mandates. That will make it more difficult for OSHA to prevail, but it looks like they don’t have to since it’s working anyway.

Have a laugh if you can:

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Hawkshaw Rides Again
Hawkshaw Rides Again
2 years ago

Read a page stating where is this imperial decree from emperor Xhou Bai Den (CCP) regarding the depopulation kill shot err I mean not-a-vax as it cannot be found anywhere.
Is the autopen still working? Did Barry, Billy and Bernardine move too quickly?
Were the CCP handlers just not very fluent in English and capitalist pig models of representative republic government?