They Come Illegally and Take Selfies, Advertising for Cartels


The illegal aliens in the photo below are NOT TRUE ASYLUM SEEKERS. They take selfies with their Apple phones while wearing expensive Nike shoes and sporting pricey handbags, yet they are flown all over the country.

The fact that they are flying in from all over the world instead of going to the next safe country proves that.

The rest of the world watches and laughs. We are represented by fools.


National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd told Fox News Digital that the selfies help the cartels advertise their services.

“They use them to show everybody, ‘See? Look. Look how easy it was,’” Judd said. “‘These people are happy. Pay me $1,000, and you can be happy, as well.”

Judd noted that giving taxpayer-funded free smartphones to illegal aliens is “one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard.” The Biden administration has said the phones are used to keep track of migrants released into the U.S.  However, they aren’t tracking anyone.

The National Border Patrol Council president pointed out that former President Trump “struggled with illegal immigration as well” but said President Biden’s border policies are helping the cartels.

“What the cartels are able to do… is they advertise their services based upon our policies,” Judd said. “And the main thing they advertise is: cross the border illegally, you’re still going to get released. Pay us thousands of dollars, we will get you there. And then we will teach you what you need to say in order to get released.”

“And that’s all policy-driven,” Judd added.


House Oversight and Reform Committee Ranking Member James Comer (R-KY) traveled to the border to speak with Judd. He said it “shows a lack of fear.”

Comer said they’re “breaking the law” and “coming illegally. “But yet they’re taking selfies on their Apple phones with their Louis Vuitton purses and Nike shoes, and they’re ready to be escorted to their next visit.”

Satisfied customers at the LA Apple Store

“There are no consequences with the Biden administration, and that’s only going to lead to more illegals coming into the United States, which leads to more drugs and more crime and more human trafficking,” Comer continued.

That’s the idea.


He coordinates with them. It’s intentional.

“I’m not saying Joe Biden’s actively colluding with the cartels. But just look at his policies and who benefits,” Jesse Watters said. “And as always, follow the money, because it certainly seems like both the cartels and the Democratic Party are mutually benefiting from what’s unfolding along the border.”


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Brian Richard Allen
Brian Richard Allen
1 year ago

….. The rest of the world watches and laughs …..

And in that simple sentence lurks America’s Achilles’ heel. The “rest of the world” does not laugh at us: that’s Projection. The pathologically-ingrate “rest of the world,” its lip curled with contempt, sneers at us, looks down its nose — and simply bloody hates us.