Suing Marjorie Taylor Greene to Keep Her From the Ballot


A group of far-left Georgia voters had filed a lawsuit recently to prevent Marjorie Taylor Greene from running for Congress. They claim that Greene violated the 14th Amendment of the Constitution by helping to facilitate the [fake] insurrection.

This is the latest Democrat ruse to help Democrats win in November. It’s like the fake impeachments of Mr. Trump. Using the 14th Amendment, in this case, is manipulation of the intent of the Amendment.

Far-left Free Speech For The People and Our Revolution is representing the voters.

A federal judge signaled that the lawsuit seeking to disqualify Rep.Marjorie Taylor Greene from the ballot over the [fake] insurrection (a riot without arms) would be allowed to go forward. Fake news CNN claimed there is a great deal of evidence.

CNN reported that Judge Amy Totenberg, sister of NPR’s Nina Totenberg, “signaled Friday that she’ll likely allow a group of Georgia voters to move forward with their constitutional challenge” against Greene. That challenge seeks to prevent Greene from appearing on the ballot because “she aided the January 6 insurrectionists.”

A similar challenge against Rep. Madison Cawthorn brought by the same leftist groups, Free Speech For People and Our Revolution, was unsuccessful. Judge Totenberg questioned the decision that brought that challenge to an end.

The Left is calling J6 a coup after they spent four years trying to overturn Trump’s election.


On April 1, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) sued to block efforts to remove her, telling a federal judge the law allowing electors to challenge her candidacy is unconstitutional.

Greene’s April 1 lawsuit seeks an order blocking a Georgia statute that allows any elector who’s eligible to vote for a candidate to challenge the candidate’s qualifications by filing a written complaint with the secretary of state’s office.

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