They Make a Cute Totalitarian Couple


Hillary Clinton and Dr. Anthony Fauci reunited at Colin Powell’s funeral and the admiration and affection oozed from both as they near-embraced. Two radical leftists who do as much damage as possible to traditional America.

Hillary Clinton is very much the ringleader of the coup to topple the Trump presidency. Either that or she had no clue what everyone close to her was doing.

For his part, Dr. Fauci funds our enemies in China at a lab run by the Chinese Communist military.

Fauci’s latest, delivered by Rochelle Walensky is to recommend masks for colds and the flu. Masks forever. They want it to be normal. It’s a good way to make people invisible, members of the collective rather than individuals.


Hillary, still actively campaigning for totalitarians like Terry McAuliffe, is pushing Figurehead Biden’s Marxist, Life of Linda. Linda only has a son, no one else in her life, but lucky her, the government is in every part of her life to save her.

If King Biden keeps destroying the economy, Julia will have to go back to work to save Linda.

Hillary is also cunningly taking the Afghanistan situation and transforming it into a situation where Democrats are their saviors.

they are both offensive at best.

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