American Thought Leader, Kamala Harris Tackles the Racist Tree Problem


Kamala Harris really knows how to get to the hard-hitting issues of the day. As energy prices skyrocket, vax mandates put people out of work, and the supply chain freezes, Harris asks this presenter in the clip below if he can determine the number of trees in a neighborhood by race.

She thinks Black people don’t have trees and you can tell if it’s a black neighborhood by the number of trees.

Equity means every house has to have the same number of trees — at least. In fact, given the way environmental justice goes, Black people should be allocated more trees than white people, whether they want them or not.

We have $3 billion in the spending bill for tree equity because the Brandon administration has gone completely mad.

Watch if you don’t believe me:

Some comments by Twitter users:

Will my eyes get stuck in the back of my head if I keep rolling them?

Why is she wearing a mask? No one is near her

Ah, the tree-race cause-effect metric.

I can’t afford gas and she’s worried about tree equity.

Uh, what?

And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the Vice President of the United States. Mon Dieu!!!!

I hear the Chinese laughing

“A tree in every pot.”

She really knows how to tackle the most important issues. Lol!


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