They Set Us Up for an Imminent Terrorist Attack


So far this year, 78 terrorists have been arrested at the border. That doesn’t count the smarter terrorists who sneaked into the country. It only took 19 terrorists on 9/11/01 to seriously damage our lives and economy.

CBP said there had been at least 900,000 gotaways this fiscal year. Those are the ones they know about.

Biden Democrats are doing this.

New data released by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) this week show that there were 12 individuals encountered by Border Patrol between ports of entry at the border whose names matched on the TSDB – which contains information about the identities of those who are known or “reasonably suspected” of being involved in terrorist activities.

That’s with two months to go.

This is a very serious national security threat. Some might be bomb makers.

In August alone, Border Patrol stopped a dozen people on the FBI’s Terrorist list. Watch:

Fox reporter Bill Melugin wrote on Twitter: BREAKING: CBP reports there were 12 arrests of individuals on the FBI’s terror watchlist (TSDB) at the border in August, bringing the total for FY’22 to 78 so far. That is triple the previous 5 years combined. (26) FY17 : 2 FY18: 6 FY19: 0 FY20: 3 FY21 15 FY22: 78

Meanwhile, there have so far been 342 encounters of known or suspected terrorists by CBP agents at ports of entry along the north and southern borders. Of those, 63 were at the southern border and 279 at the northern border.

The latest numbers come as CBP announced 203,598 migrant encounters at the southern border in August, an increase from the 199,976 encountered in July and lower than the 209,840 encountered in August last year.

A migrant a day is dying trying to get to the US with cartels. Many are children. Some are sold into sex slavery, never to be seen again.

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1 year ago

When it comes to Terrorist, Traitor Joe is playing with Biblical Levels of Fire. He will try and blame any Terrorist Attack on MAGA, then the wrath of the God Fearing will come down upon him from around the World. Who knows what’s coming across our Borders or what the World Economic Forum Cult is just simply flying into the Country on their private jets. If we are lucky, the Military will just Nuke DC and Free us from Bondage. Vaporizing DC would be much quicker than getting enough States to agree to an Article 5 Convention.
In Traitor Joe we are dealing with someone who has the Morals of Stalin, people mean nothing, it’s all about the power and control. Traitor Joe has turned America into a Joke around the World. It’s amazing how easy it was to Steal a Presidential Election. They seated a Demented Senile Puppet who is paraded out as the so called leader of the free world! It’s amazing how many people believe that the village idiot who hid in his basement for almost a year won the 2020 Election. At the Queen’s Funeral, the leader of the free world was seated in the 14th Row. Xi Jinping must be laughing his ass off. We know King Charles was! I wonder where China’s VP Wang Qishan was seated?