Senators Introduce a Bill to Restore Law and Order


“We need to increase funding for law enforcement, root out weak on crime prosecutors and judges, and keep violent criminals locked up,” said Senator Blackburn. “Senator Hagerty and I are introducing the Restoring Law and Order Act to ensure state and local law enforcement agencies have the resources needed to combat violent crime and improve the processing of DNA evidence such as rape kits.

As Marsha Blackburn says in the clip below, “Democrats have made heroes out of criminals and turned police officers into villains. The defund the police movement is demanding compassion for criminals, but not their innocent victims.”

“President Biden, Vice-President Harris, and congressional Democrats encouraged the defund-the-police movement, which predictably led to less policing and soft-on-crime policies across America.  Now the tragic results of this approach are on full display, with American cities and towns far less safe.  Yet, instead of addressing this obvious crisis in order to save lives, President Biden and Democrats just spent $80 billion to hire 87,000 new IRS agents to target hard-working Americans. Our legislation will rescind this wasteful, intrusive spending and give it to state and local law enforcement agencies to protect Americans from violent crime. Government’s basic job is to keep its citizens safe—not snoop on them—and this bill addresses this urgent need.”

Democrats have gone insane, but this might not be the way to go.

Click here for the bill text.


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