They Want You to Live in a Shed in the Backyard


Business Insider published an article about living in a tiny house in the backyard, or you can rent a tiny house in the backyard.


The story revolves around Jean Lowell, 75, who needed a more wheelchair-accessible and affordable house. So Jean got a $20,000 grant, and she refinanced her home. That was enough for her to build a tiny little house in her backyard.

She lives in Montpelier, Vermont, and wanted to live in a house that could take her through her old age. She said she wanted to serve two purposes. One was to provide safe, secure, and affordable housing for her adult daughter and her child because the housing market is so limited, so expensive, and so volatile. The other purpose was to try to provide a place for her husband and her to live out their old age.

Her home wasn’t wheelchair accessible, and it was too big.

She refinanced her mortgage for the unit. It’s 560 ft. She designed every inch of it with an architect friend. Her husband put in the heating system to save money. She reused windows from her old house. She bought the doors, the appliances, and the windows.

It all worked out, and they live in this cozy little tiny thing, and her daughter gets the house.

Tiny little house villages also exist as the American Dream fades away.

The footage of her teeny tiny house happens to be the same as my finished basement. I can fit a couch, a pullout couch, a TV, and a pool table in it. It’s not big!

And you can really save the planet if you also eat insects.

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3 months ago

These tiny houses are very expensive to buy. Squeeze yourself into a fancy shed but its the real estate taxes that are killing old people and forcing them to go broke, lose their homes to the taxman or forced to sell because its too much of a drain on their finances. When they sell, they look to retirement communities so expensive, its like getting raped for whatever money you have left and then your kids are SOL when you die because there is no inheritance left.A tiny house would be good as a small vacation home at the shore somewhere but good luck finding something affordable without taxes that are very high. God Bless America, right?

Plato v2.0
Plato v2.0
3 months ago

Why do you people insist on continuing to buy things the government is going to take from you without compensation anyway? You buy houses to support corrupt schools and communists teachers. UNIONS!!!

Democrats Are Killing mthe Middle Class
Democrats Are Killing mthe Middle Class
3 months ago
Reply to  Plato v2.0

Property taxes are beyond outrageous, now. But I’m just curious, other than a tent, what is the affordable alternative?