They Won’t Ban Gain-of-Function but the Term Seems Gone


People are concerned about high-risk biological research. The researchers are too lax. So, after four years of laboriously working on new policies, according to the journal Nature, the US National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity has come up with new policies. You won’t be surprised to know that they are clear as mud and have more holes in them than a New York City street.

While the new regulations aren’t available to the public, they really want your suggestions. Dr. Robert Malone shared 2023 draft regulations that can be found here.

The new policy will apply to all federally funded research through 2025.

Dr. Malone writes on substack that the research and the institution doing the research get to decide if the research is likely to fall under this guidance. Conflict of interest issues abound.

They didn’t ban gain-of-function and risky biological research in the United States, similar to the one in place from 2014 to 2017. This moratorium halted new grants for gain-of-function research involving flu, Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS).

However, they aren’t going to use the terminology: gain-of-function or dual-use research. So, it’s all good.

Could it be that they are setting it up so Fauci isn’t guilty of anything? Read the article on Dr. Malone’s substack.

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