New Polls Don’t Look Great for Joe Biden


We have seen many anti-Trump protest votes, but the polls now reflect many more anti-Biden protest votes. Biden promised to bring back decency and peace. He did the opposite. Biden gave us open borders without vetting, a frightening economy, wars, and crazy pronouns while putting males in female sports.

Trump’s numbers in the swing states are a disaster. That is especially true since the left has him on trial in Manhattan, and the media nukes him 24/7. You can get up at any time of night and find a brand new article lying about him, misquoting, or just insulting him.

The swing states in the NYT poll: NEVADA: Trump +13 GEORGIA: Trump +9 ARIZONA: Trump +6 PENNSYLVANIA: Trump +3 WISCONSIN: Trump +1

We can’t count on polls, but it does suggest a lot of anti-Biden anger as he tears down the country and half the people who live in it.

We also have the media ignoring the huge number of people who showed up at Trump’s New Jersey rally. The park officials said the numbers reached 80,000 to 100,000. I can say definitively that a lot of people showed up, some were camped out from early in the morning.

The rally size competed with Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 1932 speech in Sea Girt, which reportedly drew over 100,000 people.

When he has crowds like this, the media usually compares him to Hitler, and everyone who likes him gets called fascist, Nazi, stupid, whatever. Trump mocked them yesterday, and the media thinks he’s the one destroying their image, but they destroy their own image.

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