It Can’t Be! Jen Psaki Lied in Her New Book?


Former White House Press Secretary and MSNBC host Jen Psaki lied about Joe Biden checking his watch during the ceremony for the soldiers killed in Kabul in her new book. Psaki claimed it was after the ceremony. She said she will correct the error [bald-faced lie]. However, she told other lies and likely won’t correct those.

Axios reported that former White House press secretary Jen Psaki claimed in her new book that Biden never looked at his watch during the ceremony for the US soldiers killed in Kabul during the horrendous withdrawal, which she calls a resounding success. Video, photos, and witness testimony say something quite different.


Biden checking his watch

According to Axios, Psaki mistakenly [she lied] cited a passage from The Washington Post to bolster her account.  She quoted the sentences from USA Today’s fact-check article, not the Post.

That article noted Biden looked at his watch at the end of the dignified transfer of the troops’ bodies but also concluded that “photos and video show [Biden] also checked his watch during the ceremony.”

According to Joe Concha, she also claimed Republicans wanted to defund the police, and Biden inherited the border crisis from Donald Trump. Somehow, she thinks the withdrawal from Afghanistan was a resounding success. it was a tragic disaster.

I would expect nothing less of her. She lied as a press secretary and lies on her show now.

Remember this biggie:

Forget the watch, the withdrawal was a horrendous disaster, and he couldn’t even man up and take responsibility. The soldiers’ lives and all the Afghans who died were meaningless to him.

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