They’re giving out Pulitzer’s for propaganda now


Commentary and Fact

“The 1619 Project,” a re-write of U.S. history by the New York Times editor Nikole Hannah-Jones, was an unfortunate product of the race grievance industry. Filled with inaccuracies, it was called out by historians across political lines.

“The 1619 Project” was fully intended to be a completely new way of looking into our well-established history as a nation,” the website stated, adding, “It aims to reframe this country’s history.’’

Hannah-Jones, a social justice warrior of the hard-left, said, “The 1619 Project explicitly denies objectivity.”

And that it does. It’s an emotional, anti-American product of the angry left. It distorts history and guarantees you won’t like America when they’re done with you.


History is supposed to go where the facts take us, correcting imbalances along the way, but it’s not intended to become a monument to an ideology as Howard Zinn once did. Then it becomes propaganda.

New York Times, a former promoter of Joseph Stalin and current supporter of Chinese Communists, had their Magazine honor the 400th anniversary of the official start of slavery in this country. It was smited, struck down by legitimate historians of all persuasions with sharp and swift cuts.

Because the 1619 Project is not based on historical facts but on ideology, it can be cataloged as a fad or fashion – and fashion, as Oscar Wilde pointed out, is something so hideous it has to be changed every six months.

The work of Hannah-Jones was dismissed.

Unfortunately, it was not buried. The angry tellers of tall tales met their goal of getting the inaccurate melodrama of non-facts into the mainstream of education — in 3500 schools. There it will sow hate and discontent for the very nation we live in.

As if it’s bizarre inaccuracies were not enough, Pulitzer jumped in to give it their prize, making them irrelevant too.

They had to do it really, you see, they were involved in the development of this masterpiece of malfeasance.

Oh, why not, they gave out the Pulitzer for the fake Russia-Trump collusion story, why not fake history?

This is all so appropriate in the age of fake news.


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