They’re Going to Try to Put Gun Ban Language Into HR8404


Update: Democrats did not put gun language in the Marriage Act, which passed with 12 Republican votes. However, it is important to remain aware that this is something they want to do and might do in the future. They had the votes for the Marriage Act and would have jeopardized that bill if they had used anti-gun language. This article explains quite well how extreme their gun bill is, and it will come back!

The Assault Weapons Ban HR1808 passed the House on July 29, 2022. It’s now on to the Senate, and Chuck Schumer decides if he gets to the floor.  The bill bans an enormous number of semi-automatic guns.

Second Amendment protects all the rest of the Amendments.

HR 1808 makes it unlawful to import, sell, manufacture, transfer, or possess in or affecting interstate commerce or foreign commerce a so-called semi-automatic assault weapon.

The bill defines an assault weapon as a semi-automatic rifle with a magazine that is not a fixed magazine and has one of the following ascending features, a pistol grip, a forward grip or telescoping stock, a grenade launcher, a barrel shroud, or threaded barrel. It also defines it as a semi-automatic rifle that has a fixed magazine that can accept more than ten rounds.

That’s not all.

It also defines an assault weapon as a semi-automatic pistol that has a magazine that is not fixed and has any of the defending features, including a threaded barrel, a second pistol group, a barrel shroud, and the capacity to accept a detachable magazine at some location outside of the pistol grip, a stabilizing brace of if it’s semi-automatic version of an automatic firearm.

Still, again this bill does not just stop there.

It applies to semi-automatic shotguns that have detachable magazines in any of the same features, telescoping stock, a pistol grip, a fixed magazine that can accept more than five rounds, a forward grip, or the ability to accept a detachable magazine.

The definition of assault weapons also lists a variety of models that they are going to try to ban at a federal level.

They will promise you can grandfather the guns you own that don’t fit the definition. However, the bill also goes after magazines. More than ten rounds is out. They try to soften the blow and shut people up by saying people can grandfather their magazines if they don’t meet the definition. To determine if they were owned, they have marking and identification requirements.

They want to get this language into the Respect for Marriage Act.

There are rumors that another trick they have in mind is to get the language of HR 1808, the gun ban, into the Respect for Marriage Act (HR 8404) in the bill. The Respect for Marriage Act codifies gay marriage and which nullifies the Defense of Marriage Act.

In any case, it will probably be brought to a vote in the lame duck session.

It is unlikely that HR1808 would pass. It’s an extremely radical national ban. If they put the language in the Respect for Marriage Act, it’s likely both bills would fail. If they try to get a solo vote on HR1808, it is likely too radical to pass.

Call your Senators and tell them you don’t want this bill passed. Better safe than sorry


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