The Real Emergency Isn’t Covid – It’s Unexplained Excess Deaths


We have pulled vaccines for much less. Prominent UK cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malholtra recently gave a lecture, “Has Big Pharma Hijacked Evidence-Based Medicine?” Dr. Malholtra was a strong vaccine advocate, but no longer. He has evidence to back it up.

“We have pulled vaccines in the past for much less; we have got the highest-level quality of data, saying this is 1 in 800 at least…this vaccine needs to be suspended completely,” he says in this clip. Watch:


Dr. Panda pointed to an interesting study in his newsletter today that supports the numerous studies and observations that point to unexplainable excess deaths throughout the Western World. It doesn’t prove anything, but it certainly needs research. Prime Minister Trudeau won’t do it for fear of what he might find.

The Study

Necro Canada is a search engine that provides information on death notices published in Canada. Anonymous authors searched’s obituary database. They searched for terms in English and French – “sudden, suddenly, soudaine, soundainement, subite subitement,” from 2018 through November 2021.  What they found was an 11X increase in sudden death cases in Canada. What was an average of 80 obituaries pre-pandemic mentioning sudden death skyrocketed to 899 in 2022. And it’s only November.

They found increases in sudden death obituaries coincide with the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

There was a 4X jump in 2021 and an 11x jump in 2022 in sudden death cases.

The deaths exploded in October and November of this year. These are the months when Health Canada is pushing the booster for winter.

This is by province. Quebec and Ontario are highly vaccinated provinces.

Excess mortality is up in every heavily vaccinated country, even when adjusting for COVID deaths. There seems to be a real emergency, and it’s not COVID.

The 25% Weekly Excess Death Rate

In April, Kelly Brown, a COVID Data analyst, found a 25% weekly excess death rate for three months that “can’t be explained by a sudden rush of suicides, overdoses, cancers, etc.” You can follow the thread of three tweets on Twitter. In the last one, he says this is a real emergency that needs to be looked at immediately.

The RSV Syndrome is also a concern.

The Lockdowns

The heartbreaking story of Tamara Lich, who organized the Trucker Convoy. As you know, she was imprisoned over invented charges of violence and racism after she led the peaceful convoy to the Canadian capital.

The Pandemic Treaty Is Coming

The West will sign on to a new Pandemic Treaty that gives The World Health Organization (The WHO) the power to lock us all down.

One man assumes the power to declare pandemics – Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. He isn’t even a medical doctor.

Dr. Fauci, the US doctor who was given tremendous power, followed one man’s advice when he decided to ‘recommend’ lockdowns.

President Biden has also agreed to mandatory vaccine passports for international travel.

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Kyle Lam
Kyle Lam
1 year ago

Amazing that the COVID fascists “know” that vaxxes and boosts are absolutely safe, yet excess mortalities are unexplained and not worth investigating possible connection to COVID drugs.

Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
1 year ago

Medical murder, and all the vast ugliness to go along with it. smh

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
1 year ago

For what this is worth

A couple years before the Freedom truckers protested in Ottawa, Native indians protested ( can t remember about what ) in Toronto by blocking the largest highway in Canada.

The government did not treat that as a national emergency, in fact the government was very tolerant and even soft with the native Indians blocking the most important highway of the most important city in Canada.

Just as in the USA, every group ( gays, feminists, blacks, native indians etc ) in Canada is treated with kid gloves except for conservatives that are always treated with extreme and unusual harshness, even cruelty ( they threw in jail Tamara Lich, most would call that unusual cruelty especially since other groups did worse than she did and got away with less than a slap on the wrist )

both in the USA and Canada if you are in a group that is associated with the left ( gays, feminists, Antifa, BLM ) you are free to do a lot of bad things, you are almost above the law… but if you lean right and are white; the book will be thrown at you and jail time is almost garanteed to be part of your hash and unusual treatment ( Jan 6 protesters being the most appaling example of this supreme injustice this immoral discrimination ).

1 year ago

Sad but true. Everything you shared proves that our constitution is now nothing but a worthless piece of paper. That end time prophecy. “lawlessness will abound. . ” it’s here.