They’re Masking Children Again in San Diego Against the Science


There is no statistical difference in transmission rates between masking or not masking children, according to a recent study and other studies. However, it does harm social and linguistic development.

Where is the scientific evidence it works because we aren’t finding it. Yet, the San Diego School District is mandating masking indoors again. If the parents allow it, they’re foolish. This isn’t coming from science. It’s coming from the teacher’s union. People in teacher’s unions only care about the teachers. That’s a fact. They think schools are for teachers.

Fight back here! It’s not good for the children.

Children are not disease vectors.

Let Them Choose is a San Diego community effort to fight the unnecessary COVID mandates. They train community members to run for the Board of Education and provide parents with what they describe as the parent’s toolkit to bring back the children’s smiles.


Dr. Marty Makary, Fox ​News Contributor, Surgeon and A Professor Of Health Policy At The Johns Hopkins School Of Public Health to discuss his role advising Virginia Governor Glenn Youngin on covid and the ongoing battle over masking kids at school.

Dr. Makary said:

“Well, it turns out that the data are now pretty clear that the cloth masks are really not doing much in terms of reducing transmission.

“And by the way, we have an acknowledgment now that everybody will get omicron. It’s just so it’s that ubiquitous that it’s it’s basically almost unavoidable. Now that’s not saying people should resign themselves to it.

“It’s good to use good public health hygiene.

“But we have covered the faces of children for two years with really no data to support the cloth masks. And many of us were saying, Hey, look at the particle size of an aerosolized virus. With COVID, it’s about three to five microns and look at the poor size of the cloth masks. It’s 10 to 20 microns.”

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1 year ago

the masks are worthless. They are touted as surgical masks but can only stop SOME BACTERIA but NOT viruses. Viruses are in the ANGSTROM Range not the Micro range. Viruses are between 40-1100 ANGSTROMS There are 10,000 units between 1 micron and 1 ANGSTROME. Each unit is 10 over 100,000 SMALLER then the next one. If you want to see a chart go to

and view it for yourself. BUT you must promise to pass it on to the IDIOTS who insisted masks work and other people who must be informed
Respectfully submitted

1 year ago

The teachers union’s job is indeed to increase wages and working conditions for teachers. As long as the parents are happy with the result of their work, there is little leverage for the union to increase benefits for their members. However, if parents are concerned that little Johnny is not learning, then the teachers can demand more benefits. What are the parents going to do? Move little Johnny to a private school they can’t afford? That is the whole game and that’s why the teachers unions are so vehemently against charter schools and school vouchers. This is not an assessment of teachers in general, they are to the most part good folks, but the union leaders think not of the kids, they think of their members and that’s why a union of workers in a monopoly like education is such an abomination.