Most Parents Don’t Trust Democrats and the AFT Anymore


According to polls, the now-far-left Democrat party’s incestuous relative – the American Federation of Teachers – wants Democrats to fight Republicans to force Critical Race Theory and other radical ideologies into our educational system nationally. It is causing parents to distrust both on education.

NBC News reports that the teachers union wants Democrats to fight back against Republicans’ critical race theory attacks.

A survey, conducted by Hart Research in seven battleground states in May and provided first to NBC News, found Republicans had a 39% to 38% advantage on which party voters trust more on education.

The teacher’s union thinks the distrust is because they haven’t fought back enough, not that their ideology is unwelcome.

From the NBC Poll:

“In recent years, Democrats — and their teacher-union allies — have found themselves on the defensive against Republican efforts to ban books and lessons on race and gender identity. School boards have been torn asunder over “critical race theory,” and conservatives have portrayed teachers and Democrats as child predators. That has left many Democrats nervous about engaging on cultural issues attached to schooling, particularly since former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe lost his comeback bid after saying parents should not have a hand in curriculum decisions.

“But the Democratic pollsters who went into the field for the American Federation of Teachers concluded that most voters want their kids taught the good and the bad about race relations in America — less so about gender identity — and may reward the party that focuses more on fundamental instruction than ideological warfare…”

Let’s Get This Straight

Wanting sexually explicit and pedophilia books like Lawn Boy removed is not banning books. The Progressives are the people banning books. They are the ones banning The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and To Kill a Mockingbird as they did in the Virginia Public Schools. They banned them over “racial slurs” when the books clearly teach anti-racism.

As for grooming, teachers are publicly grooming children. Maybe they should stop and then they won’t be accused.

Of course people distrust them when they are actually guilty while denying it.


John Sexton wrote at Hot Air wrote about this NBC survey. He said parents aren’t interested in critical race theory or 1619. They want the fundamentals taught and distrust Democrats on education.

“Tops on the list at 58% is “Making sure students have strong fundamental skills in reading, math, and science.” The next three items are, simply put, life skills, critical thinking and college prep.

“Teacher unions have followed their party down a woke ideological rabbit hole while millions of American parents are asking, what happened to reading, writing, and math?

“Parents are also fine with teaching history, contrary to the ridiculous claims of these ideologues. Parents object to the twisting and rewriting of American history for political purposes in the form of Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project.

“If there is one good thing that came out of the pandemic, this might be it. Progressives in education have done more damage to their own cause over the last year than Republicans ever could.”

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Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
1 year ago

I remember when homosexuals were not allowed to be teachers. “That’s discrimination!” they cried. “We aren’t interested in indoctrinating kids into homosexuality. That’s our private lifestyle.” So the door was opened to them and now we know what happens when we allow perversion to enter. The lied when they claimed it was only their private lifestyle and they would not recruit children into it. It is being done openly today with the blessing of the Democrat Party.