They’re “moving us away from economic freedom …toward a neo-Marxist state”


Monica Crowley was on with Buck Sexton today and discussed the deliberate destruction of our capitalist system. The ruling class is “moving us away from economic freedom and individual liberty and toward a neo-Marxist state. She called the Manchin bill “catastrophic.”

Following is the transcript from the show and a clip of the interview. Emphasis ours.

When asked about the Manchin bill, she described it as “catastrophic.”

“This is a catastrophic bill, and I find myself saying that with everything that the Biden administration and the Democrat Congress have done over the last…19 months. This is a historic catastrophe. And now they want to compound this historic catastrophe by spending another trillion dollars made up of hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars in new tax increases, which will affect you and me.

“This is going to affect every single American. It’s gonna affect every small business. This is not just about going after the billionaires and the millionaires like they like to demonize the wealthy in this country. This is now going to affect everybody. They are lying to you when they say no one making under 400 grand a year is gonna be affected. That is a straight-up lie. It is going all the way down the income scale to those making even $30,000 a year.

They want to squeeze all the money out of the middle class.

“So, this is what they want. They want to put the squeeze on everybody. The critical element to this, too, is they are going to hire between 75 and 87,000 new IRS agents. And they say they want to do that, Buck, for enforcement to try to squeeze more money out of industries and billionaires. That is false.

“They are coming after the place where the most money is, and that’s the American middle class, and that is small businesses in this country. So, enjoy your audit because you will be audited because they’ve gotta squeeze as much money out of the rest of us as possible.

It will weaken the economy for one reason only. It’s the only reason that makes sense.

“And in terms of the macro story, spending another trillion dollars in this kind of inflationary environment, Buck, this — if you think inflation is bad, you now, just wait. If you think the economy is weak now, just wait because it’s gonna take all of these negative economic indicators that we’re all suffering through right now and put it on steroids.

“It makes absolutely zero logical sense unless you understand exactly where they’re coming from, which is this is about the fundamental transformation of the nation.

This is about moving us away from economic freedom and individual liberty and toward a neo-Marxist state. That is what they want. That’s why they are spending this way. They are driving us into oblivion. They are deliberately torpedoing the U.S. economy. All of this is by design.

“So, it makes logical sense when you know what they’re really all about and what they’re really up to here in terms of spending and all of these policies.”

Crowley is absolutely correct. Nothing else makes sense. Biden may be an imbecile, but his advisors are not. They are smart, and they are managing this entire disaster. The Manchin bill allows for socialist programs that can continue to grow exponentially. It’s a demon seed, and he sold out for a 6+ billion natural gas pipeline in West Virginia.

She begins with the Taiwan trip:

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