They’re Readying a Vaccine for a Marburg Virus Pandemic


There is an outbreak of the Marburg Virus in Equatorial Guinea. Yesterday the WHO confirmed the recently identified hemorrhagic fever cases in Equatorial Guinea as Marburg fever. While just one positive test has been reported, there are 16 suspected cases, with nine deaths.

The WHO, looking for the next pandemic?

Bill Gates predicted a worse virus than COVID would arise after COVID. He warned of ebola or a hemorrhagic virus as the next pandemic. He must be amazingly prescient.

The WHO called an emergency meeting of the Marburg virus vaccine consortium, led by Philip Krause, to receive an urgent update on possible vaccine candidates.

Before reports of the outbreak in Equatorial Guinea, a paper was published in the joke of a medical journal, The Lancet. The article boasted of a “first-in-human clinical trial” for an experimental vaccine for Marburg.

The outbreak is of nine people!

Big Pharma and many medical journals are embedded with government and global public health institutions. They are all preparing for this possible pandemic based on one test and nine deaths. Only one person tested for the virus.

There was one person diagnosed with Marburg in 2021. That’s when Big Pharma began working on a vaccine for it.

In 2020, Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar issued a new notice of declaration under the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act to provide immunity for activities related to ‘countermeasures’ against Marburg virus and/or Marburg Disease. That’s exactly what they did with COVID. It’s happening again.

The NIH is beginning Phase II of a Marburg vaccine.

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1 year ago

The effects of the “vaccine” are bad enough. What do you want to bet their “engineered meat” is designed to work in binary with their “vaccines”?

Fake meat + frankenvax = what they call “Marburg” which they will use to blame the ‘unvaccinated” once again.

Tellin you guys…their main kill weapons are always binary weapons. It makes them untraceable to the original source.