Don’t Confuse CDC with Facts, Keep Masking the Children


Facts do not cease to exist just because they’re ignored.

~ Aldous Huxley


Don’t confuse the CDC with the facts. No study is going to change their tyrannical mask guidance for children. Never mind that masks seriously impede learning for some children. Certainly, never mind an extensive study that confirms other studies that masks are of little to no help in stopping infection.

The Cochrane study is the definitive study. The Cochrane Library updated its study on masks and handwashing. While handwashing has a slight effect in keeping the flu and COVID infection away, masks have zero effect. There is no evidence the masks do anything. Masks present no evidence masking works for viral respiratory illnesses.

Eugyppius says it surprises no one except the “profoundly stupid, the deeply disturbed, or the ideologically committed.”

Masks give people a false sense of security, and our rulers get to use them to manipulate the public.

There was a time when The WHO told the truth about masks, but they are politicized now.

Dr. Malone says the CDC’s own data shows masks and vaccines don’t stop COVID. He said, “junk science is driving authoritarianism.”

Dr. Robert Malone, an American virologist and immunologist (often credited for inventing mRNA technology), said, “We gotta get back to evidence-based medical science.” He continued, “It’s quite clear from the CDC’s own slide deck if you have a reproductive coefficient like chickenpox…our current vaccines plus rigorous masking will not stop this virus from spreading.“

Masking is a failure!

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1 year ago

Just defund all medicine related activities in the Federal Government. It’s not an Enumerated Power.