Think About It! Leftists Are Accusing Jeff Sessions of Being a Russian Operative


That NY Times op-ed just about sizes up the state of affairs. The left is desperate to remove Donald Trump’s cabinet one-by-one with a concocted Russian spy story that was first launched by Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Jeff Sessions answered a question that is not perjury and he does not need to resign. We have covered that extensively at the Sentinel.

The left has gone so completely out of their minds that they have accused the longtime Senator from Alabama of serving as a Russian operative. That was after spending months attacking this honorable man as a racist with no evidence.

Sessions a Russian operative? This is nuts!

Flynn should not have resigned because the left will never be satiated.

Discussion of Russia being tied to then-President elect Trump began with the Clinton campaign. Wikileaks showed the Clinton team to be conniving, plotting and deceitful. The DNC deliberately sabotaged Bernie Sanders’ campaign. They planned cover ups, most notably over the Clinton private server which they knew was blatantly illegal.

Clinton’s pay-to-play enterprise was even exposed by Clinton’s pal and business partner Doug Band.

Hillary had a private server which she hid from the public and over which she sent classified material to people who did not have the right to view it. Barack Obama emailed to her private server under a fictitious name.

No one is talking about any of it. Instead they are talking about innocent, dedicated Americans as if they were Russian operatives. Don’t forget the leftists also accused innocent right-wing reporters like Zerohedge and politicians like Ron Paul of being Russian operatives. These lunatics see Russians in their toes when they get up in the morning, in their coffee, on every street.

Just review some of the things they have done.

Barack Obama increased the spying powers of the NSA dramatically in his last days in office to open the NSA databases to more than sixteen government agencies. There would be no way to track leaks.

It is reported that the many promotions Obama put through in his final days were to positions from which it would be hard to remove them. He has operatives embedded in this government. It would take years to excise them.

Using illicit lawsuits by the DoJ against banks, the banks settled. Some of those settlements were to donate hundreds of millions or billions to hard-left organizations like ACORN, LaRaza, MoveOn and other NGOs to provide them with the funds to create chaos, commit acts of violence, and impede the execution of federal law.

Obama hired hard-left globalists, and fairly radical Islamists and placed them in the very agencies that now have access to NSA data.

Let’s not forget the Awan family who were recently fired but who had knowledge beforehand of the Yemen attack and had stolen confidential information which they sent to a private server.

State Department chief Rex Tillerson had to fire most of the 7th floor along with other Obama embeds.

General Flynn was ousted as the result of illegal leaks thanks to illegally-obtained FISA records that amounted to a nothing burger.

The only ones who have ties to Russia are Bill Clinton who gave lucrative speeches in Russia and Hillary Clinton, the Podesta brothers, and Barack Obama who arranged for the sale of a US uranium mine and US technology to Russia. What about Hillary’s profitable “charity” taking money from Russian operatives?

Of course Obama and the Soros and Clinton machine are behind this.

In case you doubt who is egging this on, check this statement out.

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